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I am SUCH a meme sheep today...Baaaaaaaaaaa!

Dear Meg,
You are really _____. You should _____. We need to go _____. After that we can _____. Remember that time we _____? That was real _____. Maybe tomorrow we can _____. You are my _____. I _____ you!
Love, _______
Dear Meg,
You are really orange. You should polka. We need to go insane. After that we can feed squirrels. Remember that time we bopped George Bush in the head with an acorn? That was real cool. Maybe tomorrow we can smack him upside the head with a pitchfork. You are my aglet. I am not you!
Love, purplesquirrel
I'm the little plastic devise that keeps you from fraying?

Awww, how sweet of you to say! :-P
Dear Meg de la musica rock,

You are really dos monos en mis pantalones. You should da un embrazo a su hermano. We need to go con Mono, su gato, a un juege de futbol shaolin. After that we can bailamos con otras personas en la calle.

Remember that time we cantamos "El Leon Dorme Anoche"? That was real espantoso cuando hable en la voce de Gollum pero era necesario cantar las notas altas. Maybe tomorrow we can volamos nuestros ojos en salmueras. You are my enemigo del numero uno. I se mato you!

Love, El Oso Peligroso
Lieber gefährlicher Bär,
Danke für Ihren freundlichen Brief. Ich verwendete BableFish, um es zu übersetzen. Die Übersetzungen... interessierten..., um die wenigen zu sagen. Und traurige, aber ich sind nicht zwei Affen in Ihrer Hose. Jedoch möchten die zwei Affen und die Katze in meiner Hose jetzt Ihre Augen für das Mittagessen heraus essen. Sie bilden mich Lachen. Sie sind mein spanischsprechender Imitator gollum Ausdehnung der Nr. eine. Ich töte Sie Tote! Liebe, Meg. Ohm Felsen
Dear Meg,
You are really _silly____. You should _have a milkshake____. We need to go _out for a drink sometime____. After that we can _watch movies and hold eachother's hair back (if necessary)____. Remember that time we _played the finger game at Lemur's____? That was real _amusing____. Maybe tomorrow we can _talk online____. You are my _favorite loud-ass person____. I __love___ you!
Love, ___Mer____
*chuckles* You always bring the finger game up, why is that?
Dear Meg,

You are really an asset to this organization. You should diversify your stock portfolio. We need to go to the board of director's meeting before they wonder where we are. After that we can photocopy our asses in the office down the hall. Remember that time we hallucinated a huge muskrat? That was real. Maybe tomorrow we can wake up. You are my friend. I am not sure if I'm me or if I'm you!

Love, Bjorn
dude, that muskrat...it haunts my dreams at times...
Dear Meg,
You look really tired. You should nap. We need to go to bed together... heee heee. After that we can get a snack ( I remember how hungry you get after that stuff). Remember that time we drank beer out of each other's chests? That was a really drunken night. Maybe tomorrow we can go to Gator's and molest him. You are my knight in shining armor. I heart you!
With love that knows no bounds, tu amor, spitfire