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I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tired, but luckily I only have 2 more hours here. Every other friday I take a half day (that is, if I have banked my hours). We do this because the Corp office is on "Milwaukee Time" which means they all leave at noon. We figure we should be allowed to do this as well, so everybody at the office takes turns.

So I am done at 1 today. I would love to just be able to go home and take a nap but the shirts for the Sandman convention came and I need to mail them out. Part of the no sleep was because I played phone tag with about a billion people last night making sure everybody got what they needed and such (IT's funny, 3 other people are getting shirts who live in minneapolis. 2 of those people live within 10 blocks from me.)

So all the Sandman shirts are in piles in my living room. I'm going to get some string, bundle them together, deliver the ones to the minneapolis people and mail the rest out.

(Nick, if you want your shirt, you have to send me your mailing address. Otherwise I may hold an auction to see who REALLY deserves the limited edition Advertising Sandman TeeShirt. So email me already!)

In other news, my weekend plans are pretty open. TOnight I am going to a tribute concert with a few frinds. TOmorrow night I am going to the wedding reception of Pearl's sister. Sunday is open to interpratation. I'd like to go to the fair if anybody else is interested.

So those are my plans. What are YOU doing this weekend?
Parent's Housewarming party tomorrow, in Merrill, you can come if you want!
Gonna spend sunday there too, don't ya' know!