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I want to recomend Garden State to all of you, but I don't know the best way to do it. Any way I've tried makes the movie seem fake or not what what it is. It's not quite a comedy, it's not quite drama, and I can't get worked up into a tizzy about it even though it may well classify as one of my most favorite movies of all time.

Plain and simple - Garden State is just a good movie.

The plot is simple enough: Andrew Largeman (played by Scrubs' Zach Braff) is an actor in LA who has to return home to New Jersey for his mother's funeral after being gone for 9 years. Largeman also decides to take a break from the meds he's been on since he was 10 years old.

The movie takes place over a couple of days, in which we meet his friends from high school and also Sam - the compulsive liar with epilepsy (played by Natalie Portman who, even though she is my age, looks encredibly out of place sitting at a bar drinking beer. I swear to God, she's 12.). It's about homecoming, what home is, who your family really is. I guess having lived so far away from home for so long I could sort of relate to that.

The soundtrack to this movie is amazing. Nick Drake, Coldplay, The Shins, Frou Frou, Simon and Garfunkle, the list goes on. At times the music gives the movie almost a surreal feeling (thank you, Zero 7, for "Waiting in Line) and other times it's just wonderfully relaxing and soothing("One Of These Things First" by Nick Drake who I don't know how I could have lived this long and not had him in my life).

There's not one scene in the film that I can say stands out, or is amazing beyond compare, or is so fantastic omg you have to see this movie one one eleven exclamation point. After coming out of the theater (twice I have to say - saw it on Saturday AND Sunday) I had this feeling that everything was going to work out. Not nesecarrily for the better, but that the world won't end, and whatever it is I have in front of me I can get over. As Braff tells Portman as they're sitting in the bathtub "With you, I feel safe."

With this movie, I feel safe.
i agree....saw the movie last night and I think it is my alltime favorite movie. I cant really explain why, just that everyone has to see it for themselves
that's exactly it - I want people to go see this movie but I can't force anybody to see it. It's like, however I describe it will either pump it up too much or something like that.

I think that it's a great movie for anybody who has ever been far away from home for a while. But even that's not right.

Is it playing in Greebs? If it is, I'm kinda shocked...
The scene that stands out is the pool scene, where Large and Samantha are talking about what "home" means. I won't say any more than that for fear of spoilers, but that was the scene that did it for me.
See, and that scene, while great, doesn't rate as fantasic. No scene rates as fantastic to me butit's the fact that all together, this movie is just wonderful because I like it so much.

However, if there is one scene - I think it would be Large and Sam in the bathtub. "Yeah it hurts, but that's life, and that's pretty much all we've got."
That scene did it for me because it finally verbalized something I've felt for a long time but haven't been able to name. That was the scene that made me want to stand up in the theater and say, "God Bless you, Zach! Finally, someone who GETS IT!" That's the scene that sums up why 20-somethings can often seem so f'ed up. It's a place in life we all come to, but that a lot of us can't put our fingers on, and he managed to do it.

--Tiff (who didn't sign her name the first time)
Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with what was said in that scene. We're at a stage in our lives where we can't go home and yet we havn't set up our own home yet.

I think we take for granted the feeling of home, community and family. IT's all we know for 20 years and then when we leave college BAM - we're on our own. We don't know quite how to make it work, we don't know which pieces go to gether that make a family, make a home.

I've always said that home is a 5 mile radius around me, but I think that's what I've told myself in order to keep sane - it's a way of detaching myself from the fact that I don't have a foundation as firm as the one that I knew. It goes beyond a house, it goes beyond people I'm related to and hits with "how long am I going to allow my self to live here? Will I allow my self to settle?"

Making a home and having a family (of any sorts) is a commitment that many of us want but are afraid of what it means.
That is the perfect way to describe the movie. I have had troubles making it sound not corny. i just tell people it's AMAZING and that they should see it. I love Zach Braff on Scrubs, and i am impressed with his directing and such for this movie!!!
I know! I felt he did a wonderful job of getting the mood just right. I kinda want to just hug him :)