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Maybe Minnesota nice has been rubbing off on me, I don't know.

Over the past few months there have been some posts on my friends pages where everybody else agrees with them and I sit there thinking "get OVER yourselves." But I don't do anything about it. There once was a time where I would have no issue saying that to a person and would be ready to debate about it. I felt confident in my opinions. I was ready to voice my thoughts. Now I don't.

Maybe I'm just growing up or some shit like that. Maybe I'm "maturing" and I don't feel the need to correct people. But holy god, there have been some pretty self rightious posts and I've just been "you know what, no - I just don't care." But I do - it eats away at me. Like, how can I let these people go on thinking like that. Do they HEAR what they are saying? Actually hear it? And then everybody else is like "OMG - you said what I've been thinking for like, EONS" or "You're so right, my god you're so right." Everybody is giving these great, glowing remarks and I sit there, fingers itching to be all "dude, you're wrong. Get off your high fucking horse." But I don't.

I don't know if it's because I'm too polite to make a comment like that on someone's personal space (but I wouldn't have a problem saying it to them in person) or if I just don't want the backlash. Either way what's eating at me is the fact that I care that I don't care. I'm one big walking hypocrite or somthing like that.

Oh, and this post isn't meant to be cryptic or shit like that. I don't want anybody getting mad at me or start being all "what, bitch has a problem with my views? Why don't bitch come out and SAY those problems, huh? huh?" And that's just the whole thing - I don't want to discuss this shit on your guys journals. If you said it to me in person, that'd be different. And don't get me wrong, I love reading my friends list - it keeps me occupied during the slow time at work and I know that if I had a major issue with any of this crap I could just defriend people (omg - it's such social no-no to do that! But I'm sure most of you have your own filtered friends list - it's a way for you to read those who you want but not others and it solves the unsighty business of deleteing someone.).

I'm just wondering where the fuck my spine went.
I dunno. I think people want the blunt honesty. I know when I do my very rare once a month type emo post mixed in with all the PIKA PIKA PIKACHU stuff, it's because I'm not looking for praise or people kissing my ass, it's because I'm looking to see if I have my head up my ass or not.

It's the internet. it's not worth stressing about. If you can't be totaly honest here, where cna you be?
See, I think what's wrong is that I'm afraid that I'd come off as sounding too mean. I used to be tactful and now when I'm brutally honest I am BRUTALLY honest. I worry about offending people because, as amaresu pointed out, there's no body language, no tonal infliction and things could be taken the wrong way.

I fear that I've become too chicken shit to piss other people off when sometimes maybe they NEED to be pissed off. If that makes any sense. This is more about how I'm angry with myself for not being able to say "hey, did you know your head is completely up your ass?" in a tactful and meaningful way.
Again it's the net. You can always add a clarity sentence at the end stating you aren't mad, just be honest and concerned about your friends.

I say just write what you want and if the take it the wrong way you can always say "that's not how I meant it."
That's easy to say but not easy to do. 'Cause all of a sudden you get this post back that's all pissy and you try to reply back but the damage has already been done. Also, you'd be surprised about how many people get MORE pissed off when they find out they took something the wrong way.

I guess as of late I have been feeling very anti-confrontational and things that I would have totally been all over I'm avoiding because I can't deal with the conflict that may arise from what I said. But after I read the umpteenth post about how right the person is, I kinda wanna bitch slap them.
Personally, I have had friends stop talking to me because I was honest with them. Very close friends, the kind you'd hope to be honest with you. WRONG! Dead wrong. People like their rosey worlds, don't want you to burst their damn bubbles... the more friends you're honest with, the less likely they are to call YOU a friend.

As for the invasion of private space ... Stop peeing in my pool, I don't swim in your toilet. If you know how that applies, you are smarter than I ... But I love to argue, so BRING IT!