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Smokey has actually not been put to sleep - we've had some good news.

Monday night when mom called the vets to see when they could come over and put Smokey down, the vets told mom about one last ditch effort. They would pump Smokey full of steriods in hopes that they might work to counteract the tumor. Mom and dad decided it was worth a shot - at least it meant that Smokey could come home.

So Smokey came home Monday night and ate some food! Tuesday she was not doing so well and retreated to under my parents bed. Today they took her into the UCD Vet school where the doctors checked her out hard core. She will stay over night where some tests will be run. For the most part, Smokey is a COMPLETELY healthy cat, except for whatever it is behind her eye. It may be a tumor, it may just be a swelling of some sort. But whatever it is, the doctors feel that that is the only thing that is causing her problems. If it wasn't for that, she would be fine.

So if the tests come back and if it is possible to operate, they will go in and remove whatever it is behind her eye. Also, they will remove her affected eye and sew the lids shut. She will have to be hand fed for about 5 days, but she should start to eat after that.

I am worried that in some ways that this is just prolonging the inevatble, however, the Vet says that Smokey should have many more years of healthy, active kitty life left - with the only thing being she will have a permament wink.

I am so relieved because this means that I will have time with her, whenever it is that I can go home.

So in the next few days, please keep Smokey in your thoughts. If all goes well, she should be fine.

Thank you EVERYBODY for sharing your kind words and your wonderful stories of your own pets. Animals are very important and I thank you for sharing with me.
YAY. I'm glad to hear that, Meg. I wish the best for dear Smokey.

I am thinking of getting a cat, which is hilarious, because I used to hate cats. REALLY hate them. Because most of the cats I've met have mercilessly bitten and scratched me. Because I used to be allergic (I think it's passed). But lately I've been meeting some lovely cats including your dear Sasha.

So we should have a cat-talk on Saturday, eh? (I have a few basic questions.)
So I got all wheepy for nothing. . . . . .PFY :-p
no no - you see, I will always have this feather in my cap knowing that I made the Stalwart Sawitz shed a tear. But don't worry, I promise I won't tell anybody...for a price ;)
Fine. . . .when I'm up, I have first round.

First Kaela, then you. Sheesh. . I can't catch a break on LJ, I swear :-p
that's awesome! Yay for kitty living! you can nickname her Winky and tattoo SPEW on her somewhere....
That's wonderful news. I hope everything goes well and you get to see her when you go back.