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Oh. Dear God. I. Am. BORED!

Today started off well enough with me working on the EEOC reports which are due this month. It's not hard but it keeps me busy. I'm almost done but I need my recruiters to fill out the info for this month before I'm all done and finished and happy.

With all this woe-be-me shit I've posted this week, I've forgotten to tell you all that I've submitted both "VOws" and "The Little Minnow" to Tales of the Unanticipated. I honestly don't know what they are going to say but at least i know they'll say SOMETHING (they read every story they get and they do make comments. I'm excited).

I figure I might add a new segment to my long and rambing posts: Meg's confessional hour. Some of this is spawned from my old English Professor JP who, every friday in the fairy tales class, would confess to us these horrible things he did when he was a kid like, oh I don't know, BLOWING UP FROGS WHILE THEY WERE UNDER WATER. Things like that. So here's my gross confessions for all of you. This may or may not be weekly, monthly, yearly - hell, this will probably be about as regular as a 14 year old girl's period.

Meg's horrible confession #1
Ever since I was like, 7, I've had this bad habbit of ripping off my toenails. It's gotten to the point where I don't have normal looking toenails on 5 of my toes. It doesn't even hurt that much when I do it except that I end up walking with a limp for a couple of days. I seriously think my toes would make a podiatrist scream.
You sumitted stuff. That's so exciting! *hugs*
AHH! That confession made me wince in sympathy pain!!!