Pretty good weekend despite some gastonomical issues brought on fair food.

Friday was a bit rough with Smokey passing - something I haven't really put in too much thought about because if I do I'm just going to cry some more. Eventually it will come out, but I know now is not the time.

Work at the office was slow - for most of the day it was just me, Travis, and Thera. Thera let us all go at 4:00 and we walked down to the parking garage together. She ribbed me a bit about my tongue stud which to me is a good sign. I then scurried home and took a bit of a nap. I had emailed Kelly earlier that day and we deicded that her, Brian and I would hang out that night and see the fair on Sat.

So Kelly and Brian show up at my place and we hop in trusty Pat and scurry down to Old Chicago. They've changed the layout of their menu but good food was still had, as was conversation. We then went to go see Garden State and realized that we had like, an hour and a half before it started. Across the street was a Bilimby Bay so we went to that.


The drinks were fun and tropical and very tasty. It wasn't too busy or too loud and we sat at the bar and had our drinks, told red neck jokes and laughed. The bartender was HELLA fine. We are DEFINETLY going to try to make that a regular occurance.

We then scurried over to Garden State which I still love and realized more so that if I looked only half as good as Natalie Portman, I would be a guy's dream come true. Well, the guys I go after that is.

On Saturday we all went off to the fair. I had to say - I was VERY dissapointed by the lack of mullets. I think we only counted two. However, scary women in tank tops with boobs that went down to their knees were in high number, much to Brian's chagrin. I had some dippin dots and some cheese curds. Kelly had a deep fried Candy Bar. Long about 2 we made it to the other side of the fair so that Kelly could get a 93 hat and I could try to get a Gopher State One Call yard stick.

THEY WERE OUT OF YARD STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what pissed me off is that EVERYBODY at the fair had like, a BILLION of them. I mean, yeah, they're free, BUT WHY DO YOU NEED FIVE?!?!?!?! gaah - peopel are greedy.

Unfortunatly, by the time we had made it over to the office of public safty building, the cheese curds I had had settled somewhere down in my gut and were doing a small chorus number in my large intestine, causeing me some pain and making me feel NOT good. So we scurried home where I proceeded to check email, feel like crap, and then took a nap, trying to feel better for MAs party. Unfortunately - I didn't feel better and slept until about 1am when I got up, took a shower, then went back to bed feeling only slightly better.

Damn fair food. Trying to kill me it is.

Today was slack off day. I finished The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay which I have been meaning to read for about 6 months. GOOD book and I totally loved it. I cleaned out my pantry of "bad" carbohydrates because I'm starting up the South Beach Diet and tomorrow I will prepare a shopping list of foods that are good for me and on the plan.

MA! SHOUT OUT TO MA! Give me a call tomorrow for coffee - I have the day open and would loooooooooooooooooooove to hang with you! I miss you chicka!

So that's been my holiday weekend. Mild, low key, pretty good but I'm sad that I didn't do more.