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I started the South Beach Diet yesterday and today marks the 2nd day of phase one and the 1st day of having a SBD breakfast. Part of the diet is making sure you have a good, decent, well balanced breakfast to start your day.

Oh goodie.

Now you have to understand that I DON'T eat breakfast and I haven't for about 12 years. I woke up one morning in the 6th grade and the thought of eating made me SICK. For the longest time I couldn't eat anything in the morning because it made me feel gross and logey for the rest of the day. In 12th grade when I had my wisdom teeth out I had to eat breakfast every day to take my meds with. I felt horrible and stressed out for a week.

Recently, though, I have been able to eat some things in the morning but mostly bad naughty icky sugar coated carbs. So today I tried some scrambled eggs and the suggested 6oz of veggie cocktail.


Who the fuck drinks this shit and LIKES it!??!?! It tastes like nasty ass cold veggie soup with half the flavor and 2 times the nasty texture. I choked down about 3oz of the shit but every time I swallowed I had to supress my gag reflex. I mean, holy god! The commertials for this crap make it look like people ENJOY drinking it! It's all "Yum! I like my veggies in a aluminium can!" I know veggies are good for you but dear GOD!

I bet the folks in the commertials either have no tastebuds whatsoever or they aren't drinking that satan spawn of a beverage. If they were, the commertials would be HORRIBLE to shoot 'cause after every scene the actors would be gagging up V8.

Of course, on the bright side, it did make me eat my breakfast slower because I would sit there, looking at the can, knowing full well what I was about to put in my mouth and dreading it. My tounge was trying to talk me out it going all "Common buddy - you've stuck some mighty nasty things in here, but this....this is just plain WRONG." And it's not like I don't LIKE veggies or things like tomatos or carrots. IT's just when it's cold, nasty, bland and has this horrid texture that's not quite gritty, somewhat thick and overall just...gross.

So anyways, does anybody have some suggestions to get a good dose of veggies in my system in the morning without having to drink the horrid juice? 'Cause maybe I'll get to like it like I've gotten to like wine, or maybe I'll just sit there, dreading my morning V8, wishing it were wine. I dunno.
The people in the commercials were probably drinking Bloody Marys.
yeah - you'd have to be intoxicated to drink that stuff...
If you like eggs, you could have an omlette with a huge amount of chopped up veggies (tastes good!) or you could try smoothies, that's what i drink in the morning. Put lots of fruit in it and it's great!
unfortunatly, in phase one I am not allowed to have fruits :( and in phase 2 I'm only allowed certain types.

but I'm going to try putting veggies in my eggs tomorrow :)
No fruit?? What kind of fascist diet is this?!!
one that is low-carb, low-sugar. It's really not too bad - I'll be able to bring in fruits later on.
My dad actually likes V8. The sight of a juice glass coated in red bits is a happy memory of Sunday morning breakfasts for me. :) But yeah, the rest of the family thought it was horrid.

Good luck with South Beach! If you need low-carb advice, I'm your girl (doing it for a year and a half now, woo!). For veggies I agree that chopping some veggies and putting them in your eggs is a good idea. You can always have a snack later in the morning- celery with cream cheese could be breakfast-y.
*nods* I was thinking that or maybe having some raw veggies for breakfast as well - really get my body awake by having to digest my food hardcore.

Thanks for the offer of support! I will probably be begging for recipies by the end of this week :) Luckily, my parents are also on the south beach and they have some really nice dishes. I'm having sirloin steak tonight :)
Kaela and I have been making a lot of stuff from this LJ:
gnomeydacook It's all low-carb and tasty. We are currently obsessed with the broccoli cheese soup.
ooo! Some of those recipies sound AMAZING!

I can't wait until phase 1 is over so I have a bit more leeway, but it really isn't too bad.

But holy god - all I want is a big juicy hamburger with grease soaked bread...
I too heartily recommend the veggies in the eggs. Or sliced tomato or something. You can't have tons of tomatoes in Phase 1 but you can have a couple slices at breakfast without hurting anything.

The other thing I found helpful was to stop thinking in terms of traditional breakfast food, mostly because then I would be irritated that I couldn't have toast with my eggs. I would eat some string cheese, a handful of baby carrots, and some peanuts for breakfast because I was running late for work and didn't have time to cook, and felt great all morning. And if I had a spare couple of minutes and could dip my carrots in hummus, it was all the better.

yeah - my dad actually had the dessert type thing for breakfast a few times (the one with ricotta cheese that is oh so delicious).

I'm sure that I will find some other types of food - and thank you for your suggestions! I just want to make sure I get all my good veggies.
Um, I like V8...I think it tastes really good...

Since you don't like it, though, you could always try a salad with breakfast. It's pretty common here in Japan, and I've been getting in the habit especially over the past few months of eating salads with breakfast, and it tastes really good. =)
...it could have been WHEAT GRASS JUICE.
I was about to suggest you try V8 Splash. I don't like V8, but the Splash is good, but then you said you can't have fruits....Splash mixes fruits and vegetables, so maybe you could drink it when the fruit comes into the plan. And they make Diet V8 Splash, so you'd have the low-sugar thing going on for you....

Unfortunately I'm lousy at getting enough veggies in my diet. Usually the best I can do is opening a can of corn in the evening, or if I've eaten out, the garnishes on my meal, or the tomato and green onions on my nachos....

I'm going back on my low-cal diet. The past two months I fell off the wagon and then it came around and ran over me. Hopefully having an actual schedule with school and all will help me stick with it
I'm actually rather tired of the low-carb craze. Dieting all comes down to burning more calories than you ingest. You can eat nothing but carbohydrates and if you exercise, nothing will happen. The reason for the low-carb diets is that carbs are more easily converted than protein into fat. But really, just making sure you burn more calories than you take in means your body starts to burn those calories it has stored up in the form of fat. Plus, there is less risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.