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I received a resume today from the minnesota job bank. This was listed under activites:

I enjoy playing role playing games with my friends. I feel that the role playing games keep my lateral thinking sharp. I also mess around with computers, like surfing the web, playing online games, learning more about computers in general. I love to read, especially fantasy novels, I feel they keep my creativity flowing.

That's almost as good as the jehovas witness that we had last week.
Wow, never a dull moment in the resume world! I must have missed the Jehovah's Witness post...I'm so lost.
no - I didn't post about the witness, so you aren't lost :)
Give the 37-year-old virgin a chance. If he can't find a job, his mother will kick him out of her basement, he'll have to move all of his Star Wars figurines, and he won't be able to afford the plane ticket to attend the 2004 Board Gamers Convention in Branson.

At least grant him an interview for the amusement of your coworkers. You could all bet in an office pool: how will be dress for the interview? (a) As himself, (b) as a hobbit, or (c) as a gothic 16th century vampire?
we would bring him in except for the fact that he has NO skills whatsoever - or at least not according to his resume.

place of work: Office Max
Duties: Cleaned, stocked, ran cash register

that's seriously like, all the experience he had. And I have nothing against gamers - you just DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR RESUME. Gah.

It was worth a laugh though - holy crap I was busting a gut when I got that resume.
Your gamer sounds a lot like this guy I used to date...

Anyway, can I just say that it is my personal pet peeve when people say things like "I feel that the role playing games keep my lateral thinking sharp."

You FEEL emotions. When you're making a statment about what you perceive to be fact you say, "I think," or "I believe," or you just don't preface it at all. "Role playing games keep my lateral thinking sharp." There is no emotional content to that statement, therefore you do not FEEL it.

Yarr, why has this become such common practice? I hate it- it makes people sound uneducated, like they have to rely on their feelings because they aren't smart enough to think things through.

--Tiff, vocabulary nazi