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Okay guys - I'm making a promise, right here, right now.

If Bush gets re-elected, I promise that the very next day I will go and sign up to be a democrat. I will also volunteer for the democrat party. I will become involved in the party and their actions. I will give up my weekends, possibly even some nights to protect my rights as an american, as a woman, and above all, as a human being.


Because I want to prove that you CAN make a difference even when the cards are stacked against you. I want to prove that we DIDN'T elect a 4 year dictator. I want to prove that defeatist attitudes get you nowhere.

All I have been hearing for the past few months is "The world will end if Bush gets re-elected." "I will lose all my rights if Bush wins this year." "The draft will be reinstated, the war will continue, the economy will be destroyed if Kerry loses this election."

That's not going to happen - and I promise you all, every single one of you, that on November 3rd, I will be first in line to sign up to vollunteer my time and effort to protect YOUR rights. I will do it for the full 4 years of Bush's term. Anybody is free to harp on me, to nag me, to make sure I fullfil this promise. THose who know me know that I DON'T negate on my word. Also - anybody is free to join me on this too.

Also - MA, give me a call and hook me up with the detail on "Get Out and Vote" for November 2nd. I will GLADLY miss work to help out and make sure people vote. I will give my time for my nation. For the belief that we can change things even though the most godawful man is in the whitehouse. I'm doing this for myself, I'm doing it for you, and if you want in, come in and help.
The day after Bush is reelected is a little too late to sign up, don't you think? Why not do it now?
No, I don't think it is. I'm doing this to prove that 1 man cannot destroy a country if there are people willing to stand up against him and protect our rights and protect our country.
I'm not really sure what it is you are saying. Are you saying that you don't believe Bush will get re elected, or that even if he does, it doesn't matter? Do you believe that you will not lose your rights if Bush gets re elected? We all lose if he wins in my opinion.

As far as people voicing their concerns, it is the year of a pivotal election, and it goes without saying that things will only get more heated as the date draws near.
I am saying that no president, no matter how skeezy or evil can take our rights away if we fight for them.

I am saying that we did not elect a dictator.

I am saying that we do not need a defeatist attitude if there are people will to fight against him.

Do I WANT Bush to win? Hell no - but I am saying that if he does, I will give up my time to fight and make sure our rights stay as they are.

No president is our savior, and no president is the anit-christ. WE make that happen.
I agree with you on that (as much as I loathe Bush). However, I also agree with Kaela's earlier statement. Why not start now? Why not sign up to try and keep Bush from being elected, and then, even if he is, continue to work to keep our rights as they are?

I don't agree that we're all doomed, but well, I'd rather we move in a positive direction instead of a negative one, which is where I see the country heading now.
I really think your personal conspiracy theory alarm should be screeching right now.

I'm just curious which rights you find important enought that the President would try to "overturn"?
And that's just the thing - I don't think he CAN turn over any rights, but he can make things harder.

I do believe that a woman should have the right to choose to abort her child, even though I view it as morally wrong, I can't make the discion for someone. But this leads to the next point...

GOOD sex education should be taught in schools. Not just abstinence, and not just "here's a condom, go knock your selves out" but one that teaches the risks involved in makeing the choice to have sex.

A civil unions for EVERYBODY - regardless of sexual preference. There doesn't need to be an amendement in the constitution, but there shouldnt be one stating it can only be man and women. Screw that.

I will admit, "personal freedoms" is a buzz word - and Bush alone can't take them away. But if he gets elected I'll work so that if he tries anything like it he'll be met with a fight - and I'll be a part of it.
You're right. Bush can't take them away. No Chief Executive in this nation can take them away. That's why we have congress, the courts, and all manner of other checks and balances. Civil Unions is a states issue, not a federal one. The FMA was tanked by congress. A check against the power of the executive. Even still, it would have had a very hard fight in the states.

I like personal freedoms. We all like personal freedoms. We should all fight for personal freedoms.

Good sex education is a LOCAL not NATIONAL issue. Talk to your school boards. That's what has to happen there. There's no federal prohibition on sex ed. There's a lot of advocacy for abstinence programs at the federal level because it's the only sure thing. Personally I believe sex ed is up to parents to teach their children, not some state school :)

Fight for it, but don't misplace your anger. Place it at the foot of the parties, not at the foot of the man.
But Bush can and will take them away! He has promised to elect judges that will outlaw abortion! He has said many times that he supports the sanctity of marriage-- he believes that only a man and woman should be able to get married, under the Christian god's watchful eye--and that onlyu a married couple should have the rights of such under law. He is the antithesis of everythign you believe in, yet you believe he will not move toward ruining your ideals?
I agree with Kaela. The day after Bush wins is (atleast) a day too late.

My intent (and I'm guessing the intent of Kaela and Steph though I won't speak for them) is not to quash your political enthusiasm. For too long the left fought amongst itself over minor differences instead of cooperating.

I want to encourage you to put your money where your mouth is NOW. Getting George Bush is something most lefties support with the rest probably thinking it doesn't make a difference at all (the aforementioned defeatists). But there is a hopeful sect which subscribes to the idea that electing John Kerry would actually be a good thing too.

I look at John Kerry, the candidate, as of right now and he's someone I'd vote for instead of merely voting against Bush. He was a tool during the primary season and a lot of people haven't got that horrible taste out of their mouths. I did when I saw how he incorporated the best parts of Dean, Edwards and Kucenich's ideas into his own. In other words, he did what a leader does in a democratic republic; he listens to the people he represents and sets the course from there.

If the American people want to tackle terrorism and protect ourselves, John Kerry sets his leadership to accomplish that by international coalition and peacekeeping instead of going it alone and war-mongering.

If the American people want to remain the most prosperous nation in the world as a people instead of an elite ruling class, John Kerry sets his leadership to ensure people have jobs and the proper social services to make sure they are given every opportunity to be prosperous instead of crossing our fingers that tax cuts will stimulate the economy. (Good article about Bush's tax cuts at Slate today http://slate.msn.com/id/2106372/ )

Now, now, right now is a time where the American people not only have a choice but have a good choice about the direction of this nation over the next eight, twenty, forty years. If you support the Democratic agenda, the time to act is not November 3rd. That moment is now.
But I think that most people are missing my whole point in this matter.

I'm not doing this because I support Kerry or that I support Bush. Why I'm doing this is to gid rid of all this goddamn annoying defeatist attitude that people claim is "realistic." It's not realistic - it's pessmistic and it's saying "there's nothing I can do NOW so I'm gonna move."

Okay, move. In all honesty - if you arn't willing to continue to fight, then by all means I don't want you here. Our job as citizins goes beyond voting.

Now is not as crucial as what happens next and what we do with what we're given.
Just because I know who you are doesn't mean I like completely anonymous posts. Please sign your name afterwards, or even just your initials. It is a matter of respect.
(gasp) Do you have another anonymous poster? I'm hurt. I'm wounded. Oh, detestable maw. Thou womb of death. (falls to the ground)

Yeah, Kaela's right.
Re: And a request by Anonymous :: Expand
You can speak for me, because you did it very well. :) I am definitely not saying we shouldn't act on November 3rd, I'm just also saying that we can do a lot between now and then.

And maybe I'm having this reaction because I, too, am voting FOR Kerry as opposed to voting against Bush. I wasn't a huge fan of him during the primaries, but ever since then I have found him to be an excellent candidate. I am planning on doing whatever I can to make sure he is elected, because I think he would be a good leader, and would lead the country in a direction I could be proud of, not because I fear the apocalypse if Bush wins.
Since Steph is letting me speak for her (and I expect this would get the tacit approval of Kaela too), I'll say this.

If what we say is bumming you out, then I'm sorry. As I said before it isn't my intent to quash your enthusiasm and its certainly not my intent to make you feel depressed.

I feel very strongly and am very passionate about politics. I have been for my whole life. This life long level of interest means I see a lot of importance in things which most people won't even register.

The key point in your argument seems to be "I encounter too many people who think voting Bush out will set the world back straight and I think this is only the beginning of the battle being joined." That's absolutely right.

What I want you to hear from what I'm saying is "Don't wait. The battle is being fought right now."

Does George Bush, the man, have the power to overturn individual rights? No.

Does a Presidential administration with a sympathetic Congress, up to four Supreme Court Justices to appoint in their term and the inclination of the public to trust its elected officials have an enormous amount of power over the direction of this country? Yes.

I look at what the Republicans have done since the Reagan Administration, what their outward reasoning has been (not to mention my suspicion of their inward reasoning)and what the results have been. I'll tell you, I don't like where I see it leading in the future.

That's why this election is so important and why you shouldn't wait until after the election. You should be out there right now.