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IT's not even the end of the first week of the first phase of the South Beach Diet and I have already heared from two people about how pointless this diet, and low carb diets, are. One was a message in my LJ that you can read in a few entries down where I talk about V8 juice and the other was from a person who has requested that his name never be mentioned in my LJ, but will use my LJ for his own personal opinions page and not sign his name.

But I digress.

From what I've been told by these people is that diets such as Atkins or South Beach have the same results as if someone were to eat only carbs but exersize it all out. I was told by one of them that the body would acclimate to the different foods I eat and I would stop losing weight. There was also talk about how going on these diets would raise my cholestorl and my chances at heart problems.

Actually - the South Beach Diet is the one recomended for paitents who either have had, or are in danger of cardiac problems. The reason is that, unlike the atkins diet, the South Beach does not focus on eating fatty foods and tells you NOT to.

This week I have been eating more meat that I normally do, but it's lean meat with low ammounts of fat. I brown my food in either peanut or vegtible oil, never butter or lard. I've eaten a lot of veggies, both raw and cooked, but never cooked in butter.

I'm not saying that the South Beach Diet or Atkins is THE ONLY DIET for people to use - there isn't any one diet. However, if I were to go on a diet that was, say, only carbs but lots of exersize, I probably wouldn't lose the weight. THe reason is that due to my many years of neglecting my body, I have a lot of gloucose in my system. This is what the body makes to help digest sugars. Carbs and starches are nothing more and chains of sugar. Because I already have so much glocouse in my system, the addition of more sugar, even though I would be exersizing, could lead into diabetese. The first phase in the south beach is actually to flush a lot of that glucose from my body by simply not eating foods that would cause me to make a lot of glucose. My body is now getting energy not from easily digested foods, but from foods it needs to WORK at digesting.

As I said before, there is no ONE right diet. What works for some people may not work for others. I can understand how annoying it is to see all the ads for "low carb this" and "low carb that" but that's not the fault of the diet creator, or the people ON the diet. That's just our capitalistic consumor whore cultur talking.

So far, the South Beach has been working for me. Every diet has its downside. An all carb diet could leave you malnourished and lacking crucial vitamins. Same with all vegtables. The real key to ANY diet is to understand why you are on it, what it is doing to your body, and to educated yourself so you understand why any diet, as opposed to others, would be more benificial than others to you personally.

I will respect everybody's right to disagree with the south beach diet, but understand that this is something that I am choosing to follow, and it's not just a diet but a healthier way for me to live my life. At this stage in my life, exersize doesn't fit into the equation - but it is something I will be gradually working into my life to make my life more healthy.

To be told that the choice I am making is either "pointless" or "worthless" is really not the support I need right now - but you are allowed to say it. Just understand that it does hurt me.
You go girl! *hugs*

but hey if that doesn't work you should join Weight Watchers with me
Thanks :) - but I have a feeling weight watchers isn't right for me. My mother tried it years ago and while she did lose weight, she gained a lot of it back and had some real issues with cravings.

But I do know some people who it has worked great for, so I wish you a lot of luck!
Anyone who says that low carb diets don't work should ask me about the 30lbs I've lost on South Beach (and kept off) and the weight my folks have lost too.

Keep it up Meg, I got your back. :)
I believe that the remark to that was along the lines of (mind you I'm paraphrasing because I don't have it on tape) was "Sure, you'll lose a lot of weight at first, but then it peters off and turns into just any other diet. YOu'd be much better just eating something balanced and exersize. Your body becomes acclimated to the foods you are eating and adjusts so you don't lose weight."

From talking to people online about this, and seeing the result in you and the 'rents, I see how effective SBD is. Yes, you can hit a stagnant point where you don't lose weight, but you can always go back to phase 1 for a while.

I do like how if you "fall off the wagon" for a weekend it can be remidied by going back on phase 1 again. That's very positive.
There's a nifty little part of the Atkins book that most people ignore, where he explains the whole "unbalanced diet" thing. Yes, low carb diets are unbalanced. But they are unbalanced in such a way as to correct an already unbalanced metabolism. There's even a graphic that explains it. There's also a little article about it here on the Atkins site.

Anyway, if you want some talking points against the haters, you should read Steph's post and read this post for inspiration.

Personally I don't see why anyone cares how someone else tries to lose weight. The way some people react to the low carb thing, you'd think you'd said, "I'm going to cut off my leg and lose 10 pounds!" Those people should go eat some pasta and shut up.
There's also a part in the South Beach Diet where it explains that too - tackling the glucose levels as I explained earlier but much better than I could.

I have no issues with the Atkins diet at all. The reason I'm going with South Beach is that both my parents and my brother have had better luck with SB than Atkins, and I figure that I might too using genes as a deciding factor.

And yeah - I don't understand either why people are so upset with the low-carb diet except for maybe they are sick of the advertisments and the media broadcasting it as "THE BEST DIET! YOU MUST DO THIS! DO IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" I mean, yeah, that can get annoying, but haters shouldn't take that out on me. I'm just trying to build a better lifestyle for myself.
Yeah, I don't really have an opinion either way about whether Atkins or South Beach is better. For me Atkins was easier because it's just got a list like, "Eat this stuff. Do not eat anything that is not this stuff." South Beach seems a little more complicated, but you also get to eat more things, so that works better for some people.

Here's something funny. Adam's parents went on SB last year. His mom didn't lose any weight in the first phase but their dog lost six pounds. :)
LOL Good to know the Dog was getting on the health kick craze ;)

The South Beach also has a list of what I can eat, what I could eat if I REEEEEEEEALLY needed to, and what I should stay away from completely.

I'm following it mainly based off the results of family members who have tried both atkins and sb. Like I said - different diets work for different people.

Now if you excuse me, I'm not losing weight fast enough so I think I'm going to cut off my arm. I don't need it, do I? ;)
The other thing to remember is that, after the first two weeks, SB isn't really a low-carb diet. You get to eat a nice reasonable amount of whole-grain carbs, it's just that the average American diet is full of highly refined flour and sugars that are completely worthless nutritionally. They just pile on the calories, spike your blood sugar/insulin levels, and teach your body to store carbs as fat and be sluggish.

The whole point of South Beach is to eat protein sources that are low in saturated fat, and carb sources that are high in fiber. So you're eating lean meat, beans, vegetables, fleshy fruits, and whole grains, which is exactly in line with every piece of nutritional advice I've ever been given. The only difference is that with most nutritional advice, you just hear, "well, white flour really isn't as good for you as whole wheat..." but on South Beach you hear, "White flour is BAD for you! Don't eat that crap! It makes you fat!"

People just think South Beach is a fad diet because it happens to have a name, but it really makes a ton of nutritional sense. And I've lost at least 20 pounds on it, and I've kept it off. So much for "pointless" and "worthless."

how I see it is that SOuth Beach is no refined foods.

No refined sugar, no refined flour. This is making your body WORK to get the nutrients it needs, not just allowing it to process the nice and easy white bread and sugar product we normally ate.

I look forward to the day when I can re-introduce whole wheat pasta and breads into my diet bit by bit, but right now I'm not missing them all too much. Two nights ago I felt I had a breakdown because I was so hungry and ended up eating A LOT - and while that wasn't good, I realized it wasn't bad either because I didn't turn to carbs or sugar, just the leftover dinners from the first two days. In the end, I was just really hungry but I turned to food that wasn't going to hurt me.

I had a wonderful Chicken Fajita last night served on lettuce rather than rice or a tortilla. It tasted just as good :)
If you want to see how much I've gotten attacked before, read this thread from last March by an old friend:


People for some reason get really, really worked up about low-carb, and it's very annoying. I just tell them three things:

-I eat far more vegetables and healthy things then I ever did before
-Who says that you have to eat bread and sugar to be healthy?
-This is not just a diet, but a new lifestyle, and I've lost the weight and KEPT IT OFF for over a year now, which is better than any diet I've ever tried... yes... including Weight Watchers.

I say keep up the good work and ignore the haters. They shut up after awhile when you haven't dropped dead of a heart attack and are looking good in your new, smaller clothes. :)
UNfortunately I am unable to view that thread, it says it's protected so it may be a friends only post.

But I can believe the ammounts of anger directed to the low carb diets. I think it stems from two things:
1) People are uneducated about what the diets actually are and how they are run and
2) The over hype the media has given the low-carb diets (which I believe leads to the 1st reason).

And really as Tiff posted above, south beach is not so much low-carb as it is the RIGHT carbs.

The anonymous poster who I mentioned above in my first paragraph told me that since you said in a previous post that he could speak for you that he was going to go on about the stupidity of the Atkins diet but decided against it. He said it rather jokingly, but even still - after all this time I still can;'t believe people are so against the diets.
Don't worry about that post, it's just a friend's crazy girlfriend flipping out on me and Steph about the diet and using articles from (obviously unbiased) vegetarian sites as evidence.
is it because meat has horrible hormones and the like that will kill you as well as raise your blood pressure and fill your body with harmful stuff?

I love those web sites.

I like how both atkins and south beach can be modified for vegetarians. People over look that too.
Oh yeah, I bet that thread is friends-only. I'd copy and paste it, but it's got something like 30 comments on it, and it's more of the uninformed "that will kill you, you should just eat in moderation and exercise" bs.

Ha! Well, there's a statute of limitations on that "speaking for me" thing. It only applied to that thread, where we agreed. :)

I remember a funny incident with said anonymous poster with regards to the Atkins diet. He offered Matt and I pizza, and we declined, saying we were on Atkins. He said that it was unhealthy and would make us have a heart attack, and proceeded to eat a greasy slice of pepperoni.

People can think what they want, but as time goes on I feel like I'm more proof that this thing actually works, and is sustainable. And I recently had my cholesterol checked, and it was perfect. My doctors have been very supportive about Atkins and I've heard good things about South Beach too. To be honest, I've probably done a bit of both, since from the beginning I allowed myself to eat beans and some higher-carb vegetables. Now I'm on maintainence and I eat plenty of higher carb stuff, but I stick to whole wheat stuff, and I completely avoid sugar. Sugar is just bad stuff, plain and simple.
*nods* And what's funny is that I haven't been craving sweets at all since I've started. Bread and pasta yes, but not sugar. I've been enjoying the foods I have been able to eat and look forward to when I can introduce some nice whole wheat bread into my diet.

I will forever miss Domino's deep dish phily cheese steak pizza, but when I think of all the things I will be gaining from this diet, it makes me miss it less.

My mother, too, had wonderful news from her doctor 5 months after starting the sbd. Everything was down to great levels - she feels healthier, has more energy, and is very happy with the diet.

I hear a lot of "you'll miss all the foods you used to eat and the way you used to eat." My parents, for my Dad's birthday, went to the ball game and decided that for that one day they would go completely off south beach and eat whatever they liked - how they used to eat. At the end of the game my dad said to my mom "YOu know what? I like the way we eat now better than the way we used to eat." They haven'tstepped off sb since. I think that's sopositive.
The fun part is if you decide to go all out and blow the diet completely for a day, you can end up with really bad stomach pains. That's happened to both me and Steph on various occasions. Now if I want to go crazy with the sugar I just have to think about that.
Kudos girl for taking control. I've been trying to cut back my eating and it's been working. I know that my diet isn't the healthiest. But I have veggies for lunch and bran for breakfast. But what kills me is the constant eating in the evening. And not exercising. Which i'm finally fixing. I've stopped doing so because I felt so defeated when I'd have to stop to catch my breathe. Then I realized that I shouldn't be winded after climbing 2 flights of stairs no matter how out of shape I am, or after one sun-salutation. I'm going next week to get checked out for asthma. My mom has it, and since my allergies have been so bad this year, to the point where it felt like my throat was closing, it wouldn't surprise me if that triggered an asthma condition. Well, here's to a healthiness!

Have you decided on HC yet??? Can you still have eggs for breakfast??? I wanted to do breakfasts and stuff. Let me know yo. I want to be as supportive as I can :) CUZ I LOVE YOU!!!! big wet ones.
Please don't think my post to your previous post was an attack at all. If the South Beach diet works for you, great, and it does make sense scientifically. My point was that a lot of people don't understand the mechanics enough to understand that it's not just magic and that eating healthy is only one part of being healthy. And that there are plenty of ways to eat healthy if you understand what you're doing. Yes, it is annoying to see 'low carb' everything (isn't low-carb bread an oxymoron?) and with all the books and whatnot it sometimes seems like our fears of being fat and unhealthy are just being used as a marketing tool. I'm not sure if "South Beach diet" is a registered trademark, but if it is, doesn't that seem kind of ridiculous?

But yeah, if it works, awesome. I have no problem with good eating and try to practice it as well (cutting down on refined sugars and high-fat/-cholesterol foods) despite the Achilles' Heel known as beer.

The comment about coronary disease was just me being confused and/or ignorant. I apologize and hope you won't continue to view it as an affront, especially because you've pointed out my comment as false.
Please don't think that I was completly upset with you - it was more of a gereal annoyance of situations. When some one is starting a diet, being told negative things about said diet is not generally a supportive thing.

Mainly the post was to try to educate. IT is easy to assume the wrong thing when someone is going on what could be considered a fad diet that they haven't taken the time to research it. It is understandable and I really should have made it clear that I had done my research on south beach.

And as I said, there is no one right diet, but some diets are better for other people. It's not so much about eating a balanced meal as much as it is about eating to correct damage you may have already caused your body or just simply eating what is right FOR your body. Some diets are dangerous, some are not, some have side effects, and some are actually changes in life habbits.