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Your post has been deleted because, even after asking you repetedly, you chose not to sign your name at the end of your post or use you new LJ account. Either would have been appropriate but you chose neither options.

As for back talking - I don't believe that happened here today at all. This is a public forum, and one which I know you read. I have also taken care not to mention you by name in this journal since you have asked me to many months ago but have still allowed you to voice your opinions here. Because of your obsessive need not to post your name, and being the only anonymous poster I have who chooses not to, you have become familiar and people know who you are.

Any thing I said here today I would have said to your face, but seeing how you are NOT the only person who has brought up the pointlessness of these low carb diets to me, as I pointed out in my first paragraph, so I decided to make a post. It's hard to directly refer to you since you will not allow me to make a clear reference to you.

I have followed your request that you made to me a long time ago. IT's VERY sad that you could not grant mine.
Heya Meg,

Not a lot of people mention this, but combining the diet with a modicum of exercise per week will do wonders. After I had my shoulder fixed, post-snorbs, i ballooned up cause of over-eating over-drinking and no exercise. I cleaned up my diet, for sure, but what will help you is a regular source of exercise.

You don't even have to go nuts like I do (6 days a week of heavy weights and moderate to heavy cardio). . . . if you go for a long walk 2-3 times a week at first it'll help you BIG TIME. If you ever want some advice or tips, IM me or something.
*nods* I do plan on introducing more exersize to my life - because I am pretty out of shape now it's going to be easy things for a while - a brisk walk around the block in the evening, walking up more stairs in my building, keeping my metabolism up.

Thank you for the tips - and If I need more, I'll ask you about it. I know at some point (but not for a while yet) I'd like to get back into weight lifting (believe it or not) because that was the most fun I ever had in PE, and I miss the strength I used to have in my arms.