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I could draw - or knew someone who could. Because I read to much webcomics, some of my conversations come out like them. Take this golden example from earlier this summer.

me: I'm bored.
Timmy: Me too.
me: Wanna go to the movies?
Timmy: No.
me: Wanna get coffe?
Timmy: No
me: Wanna go down town and pretend we're a couple on our honeymoon to see if people will give us free stuff?
Timmy: *pause* Okay, but I'm wearing the dress.

Plus - I'm dying to see Sister Mary Fun Time in cartoon form along with her ruler of supreme authority.
Aww, Timmy. Timmy was so much fun! I wish I had a Timmy of my very own in MKE.
YOu just need to find yourself a nice gay man :)
I choose Rickie from My So-Called Life!
Comics with crappy drawings are often better than comics with good drawing.
i agree. if you've got good content, the drawing doesn't matter too much. you could use stick men and it could be awesome. Case in point: KoL!
d00ds, even my stick men suck :-P

I really have no drawing ability whatsoever...