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Moose is such a great word, and the sign language for it is even better.

Ever have a dream where you wake up PISSED OFF? I did last night and this morning I was SO ANGRY. The dream itself has little to no importance so really relating it is pretty pointless but holy god did it make me mad. But really - if you should ever find yourself in my dream, DO NOT WALK OUT OF GARDEN STATE AND TELL ME IT WAS CRAP.

But there is a part of the dream that I should highlight just because it was just plain ODD. My friend Chris from Las Vegas brought his new girlfriend (which he doesn't have) to visit and she ended up trying to rob us all. I caught her sneaking around and she got all pissed at me and pointed a gun to my head then put a bug down the back of my shirt. I caught the bug and put it in a plastic bag which caused it to suffocate - and this somehow made the evil girlfriend suffocate as well who dropped the gun that she had held to my head and died.

Chris himself never made an apperance in my dream. Just his evil girlfriend. So Lemur - if you are reading this - Dont date anymore psychotic women. THe next one will be a theif and try to kill me.
A moose once bit my sister.
No really. She was carving her initials in it with a shapened toothbrush.
You do realise you're BOTH about to be sacked, don't you??? ;)

BTW, what *IS* the sign-languag for Moose? I've got a friend coming up over the weekend whose old nickname is Moose...
spread out your hands and put the thumbs against your temples (like you were making moose antlers)then move your hands away from your head.

Sea Turtle is fun too:
put your right hand on top of your left hand so that your thumbs are sticking out on either side, then wiggle your thumbs.
You put both your hands, fingers spread wide, a little above your temples. Thumbs touching the head. Sign language is so hard to describe.

funny story:
I was doing the sing language for moose at my desk, trying to think of how to discribe it when one of the account managers walked up to ask a question.

Yeah, I must have looked so smart.
It's a perfectly reasonable thing to be doing. Really.

Well, I was going to post a pic of me signing moose, but I can't find my usb cable that connects the camera to the computer. This could be bad.
THe moose ate your usb cable.
I'm currently running with the theory that I never took it back here with me. Which is a possibility concidering how rushed I was getting packed.