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IT's the sound of my bank breaking.

Got the estimate back from the break guys. Here's the low down:

Pads need to be replaced
Rotors need to be replaced
Berings need to be repacked
Hoses need to be replaced (they are cracked and leaking)
TOTAL: $630

Shoes need to be replaced
Cylinders need to be replaced
A new hardware kit is needed
Brake fluid needs to be re-flushed
TOTAL: $349

Overall I'm looking at $980 worth of work on my brakes.

Yeah - this sucks goat balls.
Check out the value here.

The question is, "Is it worth it to put almost $1K into this vehicle or into buying a new vehicle?"

More in the car ride home today.
Ask the mechanics if that the work can be done in phases or if it all needs to be done at once. Usually, you can sign off of on "safety hazzards" so that it can be done in bits and pieces.
Otherwise, see if they will do a payment plan with you. My auto shop in town offered that as an option for when I thought I was going to need major work on my brakes.
Well, my rents are backing me up and I have a payment plan set up with them now - so at least my breaks will get fixed and I won't be broke. but thanks for your advice! :)
well at least the exhaust system is holding up --- ol' trixie died that way ... btw - a new cat converter was as much as your whole front end.
damn. Cars are too expnesive. Pat just needs to last me ONE MORE WINTER *crosses fingers* I think I might be able to save up enough for a nice down payment by then.
OUCH. That sucks.

Your repairs estimate is more than 3 times as much as I paid for my current car. (I love how cheap used cars are in Japan)
Holy crap - I want me a used japanese car! Damn girl!

Of course it's 660cc, so as my dad says, it's like driving an oversized lawnmower. I love my little car nonetheless though -- it gets me places, and it's very cute! =)
my previous car I had to have the brakes replaced at least twice and worked on a couple more times. they rusted out the first time cause I drove through a huge-ass puddle going 60 miles an hour and they didn't dry out... Another time I cracked a hose or something and was leaking brake fluid into the brakes, completely saturating the brake pads and leaving me no pressure in the brake line (i.e. I couldn't stop). And another time the emergency brake rusted or something and permanently engaged itself. My new (used) car got warped rotors and had the brakes replaced. I'm not particularly hard on my cars, but for some reason they get sick very easily. But I feel your pain in shelling out hundreds of dollars for the damn things