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Snozberries? Who's ever heard of them?
We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams

Oooooh Willy Wanka, how I love you.

So LJ has been pretty jumping today - kept me occupied at work, but even work has kept me occupied. Did a lot of filing today. W0000000000000 FILING! YEAH!

My alphabet soap operas are only getting better.

This week is shaping up pretty darn well I think - despite some setbacks.

Monday night I hung out with a friend - we drove around Minnapolis and had dinner at the Polynisian over by campus. So pretty over there.

Tusday my uncle dropped off my grandma's old dishwasher and now I don't have to wash dishes by hand anymore! RAWK! See, I'm hella lazy - I totally admit to this fact. The dishwasher is soooo slick. IT's movable so when I don't use it, it stands next to my china hutch and tries to get it's groove on. But the China hutch is too much of an elitist and won't give it the time of day.

Poor Dishwasher.

But anyways - the washer works great - hook it up to my sink and BAM! Clean dishes. What's funny is that every time the machine switches gears, all the lights in my apt dim.

I love my home.

Tonight should prove to be fun as well - I'm meeting up with Mr. Hawkenson (whom I haven't seen for about a month) down over at Fudruckers for some good conversation. I'll also be getting Pat back tonight too.

Thursday heralds another day at work plus a Twins vs. White Sox game.

Friday is open to interpratations.

Saturday is Matt and Steph's wedding - the weather WILL be beautiful and the ceremony WILL be wonderful. I am so excited.

So that's the rest of my week. 2 hours left to go before it's good times and freedom.
howdy meg! i had no idea that you had a livejournal, or that you're into sandman. heh. the things you never figure out about people. :-)

in case you're wondering (which i'm sure you are), here leaving a note is none other than the infamously-bad-at-keeping-in-touch *fluffy.* :-) i have a livejournal here somewhere (i never post in it), and my *real* online journal is www.deadjournal.com/users/sueisfine (where i post . . . sometimes?). 'course, if ya want, feel free to eMail me: fluffernutter109@yahoo.com. wheeeee! the fluff misses the meg. :-)

have fun!@
heheh Hey Fluffster! Long time no see (or hear)! Glad to know you're still alive.

I thought we talked about Sandman the last time you vistited SNC? But yeah - Sandman is good. I'm volunteering for Fiddler's Green (the big convention going on in November here in the cities. You should come to it! A weekend of Sandman!)

But anyhoo - welcome to my LJ, please feel free to comment whenever you like (just please sign the posts - too many anonymous posts and I get confuzzled :-P) And hey - how did you find me?