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Good mornin'! We talked the whole night through. Good mornin', good mornin' to you! (nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...)

Hello happy campers - here's wishing you a bright and most happy of thursdays!

(Is my fake enthusiam working? Are you happy? PERK UP DAMMIT! Where's my diet coke...)

Fun night with Matt was had - politics were discussed and nobody got hurt! Amazing is it not? (and yes, he's still voting for Bush). If all goes well with the harvest, we'll prolly hang on Sunday as well (Garden State or Resident Evil? These are hard choices to make!)

Aaaaaah - tomorrow is friday and a half day. Oh wonderous half day, blessed be. Shout out to Kelly and Brian - you wanna go out tomorrow night? Give me a holler back!

Anyways - the entry is getting boring. So - here: If you feel bored and need something to do, then down in my comments post you most favorite made up memory you have of the two of us. It doesn't have to be real, but it should be interesting.

Have fun!
I would love to get together, but we're going to be up on the North Shore this weekend. We leave for Lutsen right after I get done with work Friday night.
Hooowweever...what are you doing next weekend? Mom is out of town and my schedule is sadly open. You want to do something? =)
Sure, sounds great! ANd have fun in Lutsen! IF you guys get hungry on your way up (or back down) Stop in Beaver Bay and have lunch at The Lemon Wolf!
What kind of food is that?

We're going to head up to Grand Marais on Saturday and go to Sven and Olie's. Did you want me to pick you up a bumper sticker?
IT's just good minnesotean food. THey have an EXCELLENT wild rice soup there. Things like pork chops or sandwiches or burgers. Good prices and great food.

and sure - get me a bumper sticker :)
Where in Beaver Bay is it? Is it like right off the hwy?
PRetty much - it's in the same building as the visiters center which would be on the westish side of the road (left hand side if you were driving north on 61). You'd take a left onto McDonald (it's the first street on the left) then take a right into the visitor center parking lot. Beaver Bay is a good rest stop too if you need to get out and streach your legs for a bit. THere are some nice shops just to look at (like the agate shop)