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Aye maties! The day is fast approaching! ANd what day might that be, asks ye. It'd be Talk Like A Pirate Day says I!

So this Sunday, avoid going ta church to save your damned souls. Instead, find ye the dirtiest tavern ye can and drop yer anchor in a swarmy whench's port!

As for ye lady pirates out there - go find ye a good sailor boy to corrupt! AND STEEL HIS PURSE!

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, A pirate's life for me!

I bet it would be a lot of fun to first go to church as a pirate, then head to the tavern. But only after having rum for breakfast.

I would love to hear a full pirate choir sing church hymns...
Arrr, and may no scalliwag ever need to be askin the question: "But why is the rum gone?" to any bonney lass that he may find. Oh and don't ye be forgettin Dodgeball (Yaarr, Peter). Wow, can you tell how much I miss college? :-P