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After finding The Best 25 Moments of Futurama Ever I have to ask...

What's YOUR favorite moment?

(and by the by - I totally agree with their choice for number 1)
(Deleted comment)
The #1 reason is actually why my friend stopped watching the show.

See, if I had to show like, 2 episodes to someone who had never seen FUturama before, I Think that would be one of them - it's just so well done.

And Bender shitting a brick IS pretty damn funny, you're right.
(Fry looks through the look-out telescope and there are alternate Fry, Leela and Bender waving back. They are all wearing ten gallon hats.)

Fry: Wow, are there an infinite number of Universes?

Bender: Nope, just this and the cowboy.