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Great. Now Doonesbury is on it too.

*whispers*I see beavers...
hehe, i LOVE Doonesburry!!!!
Hey L, you been alright recently? It might be time for the big kids with day jobs and real paychecks to get you the fuck off campus for an evening and buy you dinner.

Meg, are you rock?
I am rock, captain handsom (see, signing your name isn't THAT hard ;)). But it would have to be weds. night or later!

Lauren - you up for dinner?
yeah, dinner would be fun. I have a class wednesday night from 5-9, but i'm done thursday by 5:30...By the way, who is captainhandsom?
I don't really talk about myself online. I know that's odd when I have a blog. But that's kind of been my choice to keep my personal life out of cyberspace. I'm a friend of Meg's though and she'll vouch for me.

I will say this though. I went through a lot of shite during college and it was older friends pulling me off campus from time to time and getting me away from the stress which made it not as bad. My offer, and Meg can vouch for this as well, is trying to "give back" now that the roles are switched.
He's mostly harmless if not prone to long windedness ;)

Basically - we believe in kidnapping for the sake of sanity!