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Went and saw Shaun of the Dead last night with a bunch of strangers, all of whom have live journals. I knew tripmeout but had never met her, and only had talked to limaceous the previous day. limaceous is sorta creepy due to the fact that we have the same birthday and the same phone. Plus share a love of dead animals. Oh, and Zombies.

I'm scared now. STALKER!

But the movie I enjoyed. I felt that it moved slow at some places, but there were some wonderfully funny jokes. The Zombies (Don't say the zed word! It's ridiculous!) were well done - creepy, slow moving and ravenous. All the things zombies should be.

Okay, so I know it's a romantic comedy. My question is - who is he REALLY in love with? Ed or Liz? Think about it...

OTher than that, life is pretty mellow. There's a great thread going on over at alexlucard about how Ann Rice is flipping out because somehow she's digressed to the level of FanFic primadona and her fans are calling her on it.

Way to go fans.

I'm just hoping that the same happens to Orson Scott Card. I finished Crystal City a few months back and I'm still angry about it. Card went from a guy who had good things to say to a guy who's letting his fans write his books for him. IT's like he doesn't know how to end things anymore.

"But my fans like Alvin Maker! I need to write more to please them! I don't want to let them down!"

Dude Orson - stick to the plot you had back in 1989. Kill him off and stop making him so goddamn whiney. And give Margaret a backbone. AND STOP LISTENING TO YOUR FANS! THEY ALL WRITE ALVIN MAKER FANFIC AND ARE STUPID STUPID PEOPLE!

I'm not even going to mention the mormon thing.
(Deleted comment)
So would that make Ed his id?
(Deleted comment)
I think you're right - and I'm beinging to see what you were talking about a few months back about how Zombie movies may have moral lessons (but I'm still saying not all of them do, but I love the end of Bio Zombie).

However, I think in any time of crisis, the hero within us does step forward. When faced with life or death matters, everything becomes a bit clearer. I mean, if zombies were to appear in the cities, you can put money on me being the first one to round up people (I'd be like Yvonne).

As for Card - the first 3 (possibly 4) Books of the Alvin Maker series are really quite good. But I think its either after the 3rd or 4th book that this internet cult appeared taking place at the Hattrack River and people started getting WAY to involved with the series. And Card played a long with it.
My Lj has ceased to be a blog and instead become a message board discussion group.
THat makes you the mod and hence, GOD.

Which is funny seing how you're an athiest.

Do you believe in yourself?
I have faith in me being better than everyone else. Does that count?
I thought you said you DIDN'T have faith.

But yes, yes it does. You elitist bastard ;)
Well maybe if everyone didn't praise me all the damn time I wouldn't have to put on an egotistical bastard act to keep people from going "OMG! He's normal and everyone loves him. Let's cut em up to see why!"
hey - I was only joking, I really don't think you're an elitist bastard - sorry if I struck a sore spot!

Have I praised you? I can't remember if I have or not...I agree with some things but I don't think praise falls into that...
Sorry.I was totally being sarcastic and joking in my last post. :-P No nerve has been struck.
Okie - good then *phew*