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Cheers: I totally wailed on the crossword today. IT's thursday, so it means it's fairly difficult, but I got most of the puzzle solved. Yay for knowing where the summer olypics have been.

Jeers: I totally missed the storm. Aparently you could totally see it advancing from our office. I went to luch and it was sunny. I came back and it looked like hell. I'm so pissed.

Cheers: I have money!

Jeers: But just barely enough to see me through the week.

Cheers: I've made up my mind - there's no going back - I'm going to Cake and not to homecoming. This is hard, so if anybody out there wants to join me and go see the band I most love in the world, please do!

Jeers: See above. I'm such a fucking pansy.

Cheers: I've been making new LJ buddies! Yay!

Jeers: My lj buddies are cooler than me, and thus most people just read my friends list, and forgo my posts (I'm really kidding on this one)
Oooh, oooh... It's my fellow Bruce Campbell fangirl!

*zoinks!* you've been added :-D
Bwa, you shall never escape... I've added you back.