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There's a new review on the amazon.com thread that has sparked so much...um...well, wank.

But there's this one line in the review written by "pinkpersephone" that has me scratching my head:

Did Shakespeare really write all those plays with his name on them? (No!)

Now - does she mean that Shakespeare didn't write all those plays, or that there are some plays out there that Shakespeare wrote by didn't sign?

If it IS the first - what the fuck? I hate to jump to conclusions but it seems like she's one of those crazy conspiracy people who believe that those plays just couldn't have been written by one person. NO ONE could be that good.

Fuck that noise.
Quack, Quack, Cracked, Cracked

Quack, Quack, Cracked, Cracked

Quack, Quack, She's on crack.
To quote Connie Willis: "THe Baconian theory seems to be based off of a decoder ring"
Marlowe probably had a hand in some of them, but so what? If you were a writer of plays and you were colleagues with another writer of plays, don't you think you'd probably help one another out?