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So I had this dream last night that kinda pissed me off.

First off: I rarly dream that I am myself. I'm always some other person. I also rarly dream of people I know. Just stating this so if the dream sounds weird, you understand.

Okay - so last night I dreamed that I was some lady in waiting for a princess or whatever back in the days of knights and ladys and stuff (No, I haven't been reading George R.R. Martin lately, why do you ask?).

Anyways, the lady I was waiting on was getting married to the king. It was a HUGE ordeal, lots of good times and lots of wine (that actually tasted more like a fruit smoothee - but still alchoholic). So like, part of this weird wedding tradition was that because our lady was getting married and getting laid, that meant we could spend the night with one of the king's men. Rawk (in the back of my mind while I was sleeping it was all "Score! Sex Dream! KICK ASS!).

Well, I got paired up with this HAWT knight and I'm all schweeeet! 10 odd years of not getting any and now I get to sleep with this nice looking man! SCORE! Well, then my Knight is all "Ummm...I could use some wine, could you get me some?" I'm yeah, sure, I can do that...but when I come back, I wanna GET IT ON!

So now I'm walking all over the castle looking for the wine - I find some, talk with the rest of the drunken hoards (who were really awesome) all the while drinking the wine. I get back, I'm out of wine, he sends me back for more. I run into the now queen and she's all "Howsit going?" I mumble something drunkenly and she blesses my wine for some reason.

Well, I finally get back, with a full cup of wine (and I'm fairly tipsy and ready to have some fun.) The knight's all "Soo....you wanna cuddle?" I'm all no - I wanna jump your bones. "No, really, why don't we just talk for a while?" What the fuck? What's going on here?

I was paired up with the only gay knight in the kingdom.

Yeah - I woke up happy.
*giggles* ouch that's rough

Also, George R.R. Martin == win
I totally love the Song of Ice and Fire series. To me, it's what the wheel of time SHOULD have been.
Wait >.< Dammit
I'm thinking of Stephen R. Lawhead >.>

I haven't read Martin yet, though it's on my perpetual list of nine billion books to read
*smacks you* Read George R.R.Martin goshdern it!

But I totally know how those 9 billion books pile up. Gah!
Okay that completely sucks. I'm sorry honey. Just goes to show that you need to get laid.
I totally do.

Playing hide and seek?


Which I always laugh out. IT's supposed to be "All ye, All ye, out and free!" but oxen free sounds so much better.

Maybe it's along the same lines as your crazy "gray duck" thing.