I like Something Positive a lot.

I started reading it sometime last year when Tiff made a post about it. I've been reading it ever since. I highly suggest it to everybody else out there. IT's one fucked up comic. The writing and art is amazing and Randy Milholland deserves mad props for all the work he's done on it.

I'm even a part of som_pos and I like it...most of the time. There are so good discussions and for the most part some well played out fights among the users. At times it gets annoying, but sometimes it's pretty funny.

Well, this whole week has been one drama after another and a lot of people are showing their true nature.

It all started when mercyspeaks decided to make a post which pretty much yelled at everybody for not knowing that one of the characters was based on her, and by us calling that character a bitch, it was as if we were calling her one too. She told us that "some of these situations are based off of Randy's life, and we shouldn't be shitting on them." We know that some of this comic is based off his life, but because Randy is smart and wants to put some seperation between his life and the comic, he doesn't tell us which stuff is real and which stuff is not. That's fair. But we shouldn't be expected to know what's based on truth and what's not. We're reading it for the fiction, not for the fact.

Well, the whole thing just went out of control. People were offended, people started kissing up, some people were all just "dude, calm the fuck down"(and there was even a crazy feminist). Someone else made 3 very good points about the whole matter.

FOr the post part, I felt the replies were fairly respectful. No names were called (that I read), it was just typical S*P LJ behavior. YOu have to understand - I think the people who post on som_pos are very vocal about their opinions. No one said that mercyspeaks shouldn't have said what she said, but they did respond to it about how they felt. I Think the overall feeling of the S*P lj is that you are entitled to your opinion, but be prepared when people are going to disagree with you. 'Cause they will.

So that whole things goes over. Then someone goes and shakes his finger at the rest of us saying how sad we all were for attacking poor Mercyspeaks. But wait! THe next day there's another post, this time quoting Neil Gaiman saying how mercyspeaks was more foolish for taking it all so personally (this one also had comments, and whooo boy are there some snarky people out there!).

WEll, Randy put his foot down and did something he normally doesn't do.

He made a post.

I have to say, it was a good post. It was well thought out and well written (which is not surprising). And aparently people took things way out of hand and actually emailed him about Mercyspeak's "audacity to have an opinion." Yeah, those people are freaks. There was even a person who made an LJ account just to harass her, and that's even MORE freakish. Let it go people.

However, I think Randy is preaching to the choir. Everybody now is all "OMG - I'm so soooooo sorry!!!" and as someone pointed out, the people appologising are probably not the ones who need to. For the most part it seems like people are just kissing up to Randy because, well, he's Randy.

What's REALLY getting to me is all these folks posting about "OMG - S*P has soooo much drama, you people are pathetic, you care to much about the comic, I am soooooooooooooo much better than you all." Yeah, like making THAT post makes you god.

I dunno - I know every lj community out there has it's little clique of "people you don't piss off because OMG they are so wonderful" because we've made them into little superstars of the LJ world. And really, most of the discussions on som_pos have been pretty good (except for the much hinted at furry wars that took place a while back. So many people got pissed that it is now a rule that you can't use the "F-word" or you will get banned).

In the end, it is just a comic. I mean, I do feel for these characters like I would feel for any character in a book. However, that doesn't mean I totally think they are real. Gah.