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Deep Dish Pizza
Chocolate Chip Cookies with a tall glass of cool milk
Meatballs in gravy served over a bed of egg noodles
A huge BLT
Tortellini in Alfredo sauce
Lo Mein
Tuna Noodle Cassarole
A hot pastrami sandwich served on an italian roll with mayo
chicken fingers
Pumpkin Pie

It's funny - after reading this list I realize how bad most of these choices would be for me, and makes me want them less.

But oh, how i miss they taste...
Why would they all be so bad? XD
LOL well, I'm on the south beach diet which is low carb, low sugar.

I miss bread soooooooooo much!! :-D
Man, i know how you feel....but that's awesome that you have the strength to resist!
Thanks! I've been really proud about how i've been doing so far. I mean, I've had some falterings - last week the wedding (I mean common, how I am to go to a wedding and NOT have cake?) and then last night I had some alchohol (lossa carbs! icky bad!) and a few tortilla chips.

But I figure that's alright because I have really been eating the good happy food. I make sure that I don't have ANY carbs in my house :)