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Can't trust that day...

Actually, I think I can trust today. IT's really pretty outside and I, for once, am feeling positive about how this week will go. Not that there's a lot of stuff in this week to look forward to, but I just have a general good feeling that this week won't suck.

I like that feeling.

Over at Queen of Wands(another really great web comic that you should all read) they're discussing the games girls play. All of it is true and very very sick.

Girls - we're messed up.

Actually - most of those games I don't play because they are really really stupid and usually revolve around self esteem issues. While I do have some self esteem issues, I'm not going to look to others for that. I'll find the validation I need in myself. Like, I'm never going to ask a guy "Do I look fat to you?" Because a) that's just plain dumb because I AM fat and b) it's a stupid thing to do to a guy. I mean, what do you want him to say to you? Why do you need him to validate your appearance? WHy do you want to play little mind games with him?

I am being honest with my next statement, even though a lot of people may cry bullshit on me:

I rarely fish for complements.

I know that sounds like crazy talk, but it's true. When I say things like "oh my god I'm crazy" or "this story totally sucks balls" or things like that, I am really not looking for someone to tell me "oh no it doesn't! IT's really good! I like it!" WTF? If I say something is crap, I know it's crap. I'm not fishing around for someone to make me feel better about my writing or my mental state or whatever. I can usually tell when someone is saying something just to be nice versus constructive critisim.

me: This story is crap, I really think I should just scrap it all.
them: I don't think so - but I do think it could use a little work.

To me - unquestioning love of any story is like a death sentance. I get a little edgy whenever someone is all "OMG! This is the best you've ever done! Don't change a thing!"


There is one game that I do play, and I will admit that it is stupid, but at least now that I'm on the south beach, there's no real reason for me to play it.

IT's the "What should I order?" game.

Like, if I'm going out to eat with a guy whom I don't know THAT well, I do this stupid little thing where it takes me twice as long to order food because I don't want to seem like a glutton, so I don't order something big. But I don't want to seem like I'm trying not to look like I care about what to order, so I don't want something dinky like a little salad. But I don't want it to seem like I don't care about what I eat, but I also don't want to send the wrong image about how I DO eat.

In the back of my mind I know that guys could care less about what a girl orders, but hey - everybody has their own way of being completely insane.
natalie and i were talking about the games girls play the other day. Girls who do that SUCK because it is just messing with someone for the sake of messing with them. But guys play stupid games too, especially to get in your pants...
I think the games guys play to get in your pants are actually playing off of the whole "validation" principle a lot of girls have. "By wanting to sleep with me, this guy MUST think I am desirable" when most of the time guys just want to sleep with girls no matter what.

It's preying on our already warped perception of sex.
Exactly. Girls use games for affection and a self-esteem boost and sometimes power. Guys use games for sex. This is why we pretend to be really interested in boring conversations with cute girls. And the real reason we buy the flowers. For some reason, though, that type of thing seems so much more honest than playing "hard to get" when all you really want is somebody to pursue, regardless of whether or not you'd actually date them. Or even feigning interest so he'll buy you drinks at the bar.
It's all in the ladder theory with few exceptions.
Generally, yes. However, I don't think the theory holds up long-term. It would be really weird to sleep with any of my best female friends at this point, even though they are attractive. I probably would have when I first met them, but now that there is an established friendship that has lasted many years, I really don't find that appealing. Then again, alcohol could be the proverbial "x-factor."
Believe me. The squeeze is worth the juice.