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Yes, I'm cold.

Yes, I am a wuss.

Yes, you may mock me for moving to a cold climate after growing up in California. It is acceptable.

Anyways - it was hard to get out of bed this morning. That was mainly due to the combination of freashly laundered sheets and a freezing cold room. It was really cold outside my comfy nest of cloth and feathers. Even Sasha had curled up close to my legs in an effort to achieve maximum tempurature (which, for a cat, is close to 500 degrees farinheit).

Sasha and I have been having a full battle royal for supremecy of the bed. I honestly don't know who's winning, but I have a feeling it's not me. This battle, however, was called on account of cold last night as Sasha decided his best bet was to make a nest out of my comfortor and legs.

It is near impossible to move a sleeping cat. It is even MORE impossible to move a 20lbs sleeping cat who has decided that your legs are the most comfy thing in the world.

I am so glad that Fall has started to creep it's way into the year. As I look ahead on my calendar, there are so many things I am excited for. Here's a brief list:
1) My birthday (October 11th)
2) SNC Homecoming kick off (October 15th)
3) CAKE concert (October 23rd)
4) Dinner with Neil (November 12th)
5) Fiddler's Green (November 12th-14th)
6) Parents come into town for Thanksgiving (NOvember 22nd - 28th)

I am so lucky to have the next few months just packed with exciting things to do. Even though I will be the only person I know at fiddler's green (Sorry Nick, I know you WANT to go - but I seriously doubt that you WILL. Follow through is important in life you know) I am sure I will have a great time. I still haven't heard back about the scavenger hunt idea (which probably means it's a no go) but I am definitely looking forward to meeting new people, listening to talks, and just having a grand old time.

So - What are YOU looking forward to this fall?
If you think moving a 20 lb sleeping cat is hard, try a 160 lb. sleeping English Mastiff!
No, you see, you must multiply a sleeping cat's weight by at least 10 - so Sasha actually feels more like 200! :)
1)SNC Homecoming
3)My birthday is 11/4.
4)Jobie weekend 11/5-7th.
ooo! I forgot all about halloween!! :-D
That means an extra hour of partying.
oooo - one more hour of excess candy eating! w00t! I can feel the sugar already ;)
- my birfday is 11/10
- I have two, uh, parties booked for October
- Fray Day will be in November
- maybe I will have a new job
- maybe I will get to take a vacation


hehhe - your birthday is the reverse of mine! :)

Have fun with your...um...parties
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hehhe - your birthday is the reverse of mine! :)

Have fun with your...um...parties <_<...>_>