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I am dying out here today.

Not that the day is going slow - it's actually moving at a fairly good pace, it's just that I am hella, HELLA bored.

Highlights of the day so far have been: Receiving new office supplies (Viking Supplies is my office porn. I want an industrial shredder so I can have my own little enron parties), filing paper work for new consultants (yay! COnsultants!), and getting a compliment from someone saying it looks like I've lost weight (which may or may not be the case - I just bought a scale tuesday so I don't know how far I've come. But my jeans are fitting better!).

So really - it's been pretty blah here in the office. I am looking forward to this weekend, and I'm also looking forward to going home and listening to my new albums (yay! new music! w00t!).

So - if you guys are bored out there in LJ land, why don't we try to entertain ourselves for a while. We have 2 hours and 15 minutes before the day is done. What do you guys want to talk about?
1 hour 36 more minutes, I'm making new friends today by playing the freinds of freinds game
oooo - maybe I should start adding more people to my friends list - the more the merrier!

I added one person a few days ago simply because she added me (we're on the South Beach community) but she hasn't said anything to me, and I haven't said anything to her either.

But I have added people because they were friends of friends of friends. It's fun. Like 6 degrees of seperation.