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But alas, spitfiresnc beat me, 7 to 4.

I got the following squares:
Tells an obvious lie
"Tony Blair"
"Osama bin Laden"
Complains about the debate rules

Over all - I think Kerry totally won this debate. Bush just plain sucked. Every other line was about how Kerry waffled. He had some wonderful deer-in-headlight moments too.

What REALLY pissed me off was when Bush said he didn't join that world crime thingy because it could mean Americans could be criminally charged. I just can't go into how stupid that is.

Anyways - I'm all politicaled out. Hope everybody had a good night!
I was doing much of the same as your debate bingo game, except picking up on things they were harping on and overused phrases - especially with Bush and his "hard work" phrase.

I loved the facial expressions, too. I think it made Kerry look a lot smarter when he was taking notes while listening to Bush, whereas Bush was making confused monkey faces while he was listening to Kerry. Was there a "makes a monkey face" block on your bingo game? :P

Overall, I think I could've debated the president into the ground. And I'm no master debater (huhuhuhuh), I've just got a brain.

And don't get me started on the US and international unaccountability. In all of our treaties, we include a "self-executing" provision at the end that basically says that we can't be brought to task by other countries in any real way. It's not just Bush (though I think he's done this to a greater degree, especially with disregarding the UN when he went into Iraq); presidents of both parties have included this clause in all treaties for years - I guess it's just considered a common business practice that the US won't be held accountable to other nations.
The hard work thing really got to me. Bush was all like, "It's hard work. I have the FBI visit me every day, so I know what's going on."

Thanks for the reassurance. It's nice that the FBI is talking to the head of our country.

I won my debate bingo about half an hour in (Libya, United Nations, Free Space, Takes a sip of water, and My Opponent), so we quickly abandoned it soon after. But I thought Kerry looked really good and together, and Bush not so much at all. The fact that the Daily Show commentary's jokes on Kerry included Jon Stewart saying "I got nothing" and Kerry writing a note that said, "I'm SO crushing him!" says a lot. Usually, they're able to find something to joke about.

Bush: "I know how this world works."

Wow, thanks again.

Was it me or did Bush drink A LOT of water during that whole thing? A friend and I were betting on whether or not he would have to call for a potty break. Maybe that's why he was sucking ass last night.

No - I know better than that. Bush just was out of his league. I think, maybe, it was the podium set up. Kerry looks at ease behind the podium whereas bush looked like he was giving another state of the union address. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes when they go into the more relaxed town hall meeting (or whatever it's called) debate. Bush plays to a crowd and I am curious to see how Kerry will behave.

I will have my score card ready for that one as well :)
Having to pee in the middle of a debate or long speech like that would suck so much.
That's why you don't down the water in the first five seconds of the debate.
I guess it's just considered a common business practice that the US won't be held accountable to other nations.

That totally sucks. I mean, really sucks. We should be held just as accountable for our actions as any other nation. IT's all "Yeah, we'll get involved here, but if we royally fuck things over you can't blame us. I mean, comm'on, we're helping YOU out afterall."

ANd no - I didn't see "makes monkey face" on the score card :), but there was The Squint and The Giggle. NExt dabate I hope to have a better card. Bush was SO CLOSE to saying "voting record" once, and I knew he was just itching to say "terrorist killers."

Damn him.
no confused monkey face space per se - but there was "The Squint" which i took to mean the same thing