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Some random thoughts about my life at this point:
  • I love October and I love autumn. When I was little, it was around this time of year Dad would take me down to Stanford to get my leg checked out by Dr. Rinsky. I would dress up nice and get out of school. I also got to spend the whole day with my dad. We would listen to Joan Baez, The Beatles, and public radio. The NPR theme song always makes me think of Dad. The air would be crisp and the trees down in the bay area would all have brittle yellow leaves. Somedays you could smell the burning rice fields. I would see Dr. Rinksy at the children's hospital then go over to have a new brace made. There were so many young doctors who would look at my leg and make new braces for me - I still have some of my old ones and you can see the evolution of the brace. I owe a lot to those doctors.
  • I really like living alone. Why? Because then I can do really messy experiments in my kitchen that my mother would never EVER had let me done. Today I made my own peanut butter. It's actually pretty good and wasn't THAT messy. I want to experiment more with the recipe. Every now and then I like to be 7 years old again.
  • Go and download songs by Delays. Really. Do it now. And by the way - that's NOT a female singer, the guy just has a REALLY good falsetto voice.
  • I am way too trusting and not nearly trusting enough. I trust that I can tell people everything - and I do. But then I don't trust them when left to their own devices. Should I forgive or should I forget? I need a better balance in my life when it comes to that.
  • It's funny to watch a friend sink into the same probably his father had. I wonder if he's doing it so he doesn't have to focus on his own problems, if he's doing it to escape, or if he even realizes what he's doing. Of course, I'm just a bitter girl. So very bitter. Taste the angst. Just please don't give me your word
  • Have you listened to Delays yet? Their album is Faded Seaside Glamour. Go - I bid you leave
  • Every day I realize how lucky I am to be living where I am. I am thankful for the friends I have, I love Minneapolis, and I feel much more confidante in myself than I did one year ago. I am not going to Greebs every month. I'm creating my own life here. Sometimes I wish others could join me out here, but I realize that sometimes to remove people from their comfort bubble is just not a good thing. Some people need to stay at home - others need to leave. There's nothing wrong with either, but I think that's why some people get Garden State and others think it's bull.
  • A boy I've never met in person, just through the net, remembered to send me a postcard from England. I've had friends in real life who haven't even remembered to do things like that.
  • Why the hell should a postcard mean as much as I think it should? Chalk it up to being a silly girl
  • I laugh when someone tells me they only have time to check their email, not to respond, yet has enough time to play 40 turns at KOL every day. Look! It's bitter Meg again!!
  • It's been over a month since I've had pizza, and while I crave it at times, I feel so proud of myself for staying on the diet (mostly)
  • Holy shit - when did I become so bitter? Am I a lemon?
  • Okay - so doesn't Nearer That Heaven sound so damn familiar? What - you still haven't downloaded it? SHAME!
  • I missed Joan of Arcadia last night - I loved last week's. I mean, she BROKE UP WITH GOD. How many people can honestly say they gave God the "It's not you - it's me" speech?
  • I think it's good that I'm not dating any of my guy friends from college. After hearing how they speak of their girlfriends, I never want to be spoken of in that way.
  • You totally think this whole post is about you, don't you? You totally think I'm writing this just for you because - I mean com'mon, no one else in this whole world could I be refering to you.
  • I hope you all realize that last note was a joke.
  • I love October and I love Autumn and I love writing very long posts about nothing. Now I'm going to eat some peanut butter and celery sticks. Peace out kiddies!
can I give you *a* word? I don't have any words that I claim as my own....I don't think. although, back in high school for english class we had to make up a word, and I made up gooze. verb. what goo does when it oozes. So maybe that's my word. but you can't have it because you told us not to give you our word. so nyah. :P
oooo - I like gooze! :)