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If all goes according to plan - Late in February I will be gone for a week.

I'll leave on a monday right after work, fly to California, hang out there for a while, then head down to Arizona for a few days. Fly back to Minneapolis on the following Monday.

Also, Chris is having his house warming party the last weekend of March.

This winter will be spent IN THE DESERT! Wait...dessert? Desert? Quick! One 's' or two!?!??!

But why? you might ask...well, for those who are not familiar with Minnesota...February is God's way of showing those who don't drink what a hangover feels like.

PS - My brother's birthday is in 4 days, I need to get him a gift STAT. Any ideas????
1 's' is dry, arid landscape....2 's' is yummy food
I can never remember...

but hey - maybe some people think arid landcapes ARE yummie food. Like...people who eat worlds and stuff...

"Oh joy! Tatooine! I love me some desert planets for dessert!"
Dessert is so good you want more of it (2 S's).
hahha YAY!

I love the little sayings we come up with to help us remember the rules...too bad most of them aren't 100% accurate...

Like "when two vowels go a'walking, the first one does the talking"

or they have little clauses attached - like "i before e except after c or sounding like a as in neighbor or weigh"

God I love the english language!
this is the one I like to use to remember: desserts is stressed spelled backwards!
ahhh - kinda like "disease" is "dis" + "ease" - meaning you are not at ease...or something.

My roommate taught me that my soph year of college. How sad is that?
Yeah, it's got everyone screwing up the spelling of "weird"!!

Man I'm glad I don't have to learn English as my 2nd language. It's a bitch!
How old is your brother? Any interests or anything he needs? What does he do for work?
Will be 26, IT God over at the NCEE, going to London next month with girlfriend, likes to read and probably has plans for global domination (runs in the family)
Well, you could always do a gift certificate for a book store. You could get some English currancy or a Lonodon guidebook/maps type of thing. If all else fails, you could get him a nice tie.

Boys are hard to buys gifts for.
I'm usually pretty good at buying gifts - some people just prove harder than others...
I'm going to recommend against the necktie, knowing how your brother feels about them.

London-related stuff is cool, though we do have a big pile o' travel guides between us. I just thought of a suggestion, but I'll IM you with it.