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but here's a few subway tokens

The new Cake album is pretty darn good. I need to listen to it a few more times before I can make a fair assesment. I'm not a big fan of their single "No Phone," but I also wasn't a big fan of "Comfort Eagle" the first time I heard it. For now I will say this: John's vocal stylings are more laid back that I've ever heard him. Instead of the raspy grating sound that we've come to associate with Cake, there are times where he is simply quiet and mellow, sounding much younger than he has in previous albums.

I watched Cake perform last night on Jay Leno. Unfortunately, this meant WATCHING Jay Leno. He's really quiet dry and boring. I guess I'm just not in the audiance for late night television that's not Adult Swim.

I need to get my hair cut. The ends are getting all raggedy and gross. Of course - I don't think I've had a hair cut in almost a year. I'm really bad at remembering to get it done. Any suggestions of where to go? Better yet - any suggestions on how I should get it cut? Keep it long? Lop it off? Layers? Bangs? Suggestions please!

The heat will be turned on in my apt today! Oh this makes me happy! No 20 lbs cat trying to make a nest out of my feet! Oh Joy! Oh RAPTURE!

Mom and dad are coming in a month and a half. I seriously need to start cleaning. There are still boxes laying about that I should put away down in storage but I am simply too lazy. Mom said she'd get a cleaning service to make sure the place is spotless, but it's mroe along the lines of "I still have stuff I need to find a home for!" I think I will devote my weekends to some hard core cleaning.

I think the fruit flies are finally out of my apt. There was an abundance of them a few weeks ago and I went on this mad rampage to make sure there was no fruit or veggies or anything like that. Last night I found their dried little boddies in the shades of my lamp. IT's pretty gross.

Is it November 12th yet?
At the very least for a hair cut, you should get about 2 inches taken off. It'll stimulate growth and make it healthy again.
I wouldn't go for bangs, if you decide that you don't like them, they take a while to grow back out (I've been struggling with mine for almost a year now). I'd go for some light layering and depending on how much you're looking to spend, maybe some highlights. =)
yeah - 2 inches DEFINITELY need to come off :)

Who knows, maybe I'll pamper myself for my brithday and get something really nice done :-P
How about a purple mohawk?
dreds - all the way.
colorful plastic beads, rasta style?
"At the very least for a hair cut, you should get about 2 inches taken off. It'll stimulate growth and make it healthy again. "

I find that counter-intuitive. Since growth starts at the scalp, and the ends are not at the scalp.... I dont know. That's me...

Ms. fantom ... I'd really like to see you "devote your weekends to hardcore cleaning" but i think you are full of it. I said I'd vaccuum about a week ago, good thing the fuzzies have migrated away from my computer!

I'm devoting the weekends until the week of thanksgiving cleaning.

When motivated with family, I do a pretty good job.