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I have found the coolest site ever.

Virtual Lite-Brite.

One of the keenest toys I ever played with when I was a kid was Lite-Brite. In fact, I think it may still be lurking somewhere in my room back home. But anway, this was an awsome toy. Basically, it was a box with a lightbulb and a metal screen that you could put little colored plastic nobs into that would glow. Think hella cheapass LEDs. It came with black paper that went over the screen so you could create your own patterns, or paper that had little color guides on it in the shape of different characters. I think we had starwars or something. It was damn spiffy. You could make a glowing Yoda and leave him on all night to scare away the evil closet monsters.

Of course, this toy did have some draw backs. You always seemed to run out of the colors you most needed at that time. There were never enough. And they got EVERYWHERE. Let me tell you, stepping on them barefoot in the middle of the night when you were going to the potty hurt like a bitch. Also, once you used the patterned sheets, you really couldn't use them again 'cause you would forget which color to use. And in all honesty, it probably didn't make a GOOD night light seeing how that lightbulb could get hella hot and probably start a fire. But even still. It was a damn fun toy.

To best view the site, I recomend filling your screen with your web browser and turning off all the lights in your room, maybe even close your curtains. Make it as dark as possible, then imagine you're 6, a huge pile of plastic nobby things are at your finger tips, and be creative!!

Also, if you have any memorable lite brite stories to share, please do! I don't care if you don't even know who I am and stumbled across my page randomly, drop me a line!
Yay for lite brites! I remember those =)
Muchos gracius for the note
No problem chicka! Nice to have random people message you and stuff! Keeps people on their toes ;-)
Bring Back the 80s !!!
Awesome website - it's close enough.
I totally agree that stepping on those little pegs was indeed painful and that lightbulb was a serious fire hazard !! What were our parents thinking?? ;)