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ooooo look at the pretty colors...

I was going to write my review of Cake's new album today, but seeing as how I got only about 4 hours of sleep last night and I'm currently spaced out of my mind, I don't think doing it now would be a good thing. Maybe I'll save that for friday so everybody can run off and buy it this weekend (Supporting Cake is a GOOD thing!)

I have heat in my apartment now! And because of that, Sasha no longer sleeps with me. It was all about the heat and the poor widdle kitty was cold and that was the only reason he wanted to sleep with me. I shouldn't complain but I am feeling unloved.

Noses attract me. THis is probably because I myself have no nose and should I want my future children to have a good shot of actually HAVING a nose and being able to wear glasses without the lenses resting on their cheeks, I need to marry a guy with a really good nose. The sake of my genes are at stake.

The Eyre Affair rocked my world. I love how he sneaks in quotes from movies in there - it's fabulous. I want to read more of the books, but due to the fact I managed to limit my british literature down to the bare minimum, I have a feeling I'd miss out on a lot of the little side stories. I had only read a little bit of Jane Eyre, but I watched the entire black and white movie version. That's why I was so confused, I was all like "waaaait - is that how the movie ended???" I am one sad individual.

But really, honestly - brit lit is so overrated. It's good but it's not all that. I know that I really should go and read the classics (seeing how most of them are on the required reading list for any grad school I'd apply to) but I'm so happy with my Steinbeck and Fitzgerald. I love me some Hawthorne and the beats are where it's at. Dickens and Austen could suck ovaries. I do have a soft spot for the poets Browning, Byron and Burnes, but that's about it.

Thanks to all who gave me advice yesterday - it was well needed. I don't know if I'm going to write him a letter (a REAL letter) or just let the whole situation drop. I've been wasting my time trying to share positive things in hopes that he would share positive things back to me. I'm very tired of being Abra.

Abra was ready,
ere I called her name
And though I called another
Abra came.

I am not a helpless person in this matter. I can take control of the situations and stop doing what I'm doing.

I shall take time to think about this.
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