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PRetty good weekend was had.

On saturday, captainhandsome came over and helped me put up my storm windows. I picked a BEAUTIFUL day to do this chore. It was sunny, not too warm, not too cold. Generally just a wonderful fall day.

It didn't take too long to get the windows washed and put up. We had some confusion with the hooking mechanism and the whole ordeal made me realize maybe it would be a good thing to look into getting new windows next summer.

After that we met up with Adam and Kaela over at the new Pizza Luce. I was VERY good and didn't have any pizza at all. I had some chicken wings (NOT breaded) and a salad. Adam had pizza with mock duck, which prompeted the discusion of what would mock mock duck be? Duck? or would it be something like a cardboard cut out of mock duck? The world may never know.

After pizza we all went over to Adam and Kaela's place to watch the game. Twins lost, it sucked. Kaela left with Steph and others to go shopping and Matt came down to see the final innings and the demise of the twin's hopes.

Later on Saturday I went over to Lauren's for a party. It was AWESOME. Talked to a girl from Denver about how the midwest is different. Talked about cliques and cake. Trumped a guy with dead baby jokes. Got my picture taken with a shoe.

On a REALLY weird note - I met a guy who's grandmother probably knows MY grandmother. This is odd because they both lived in a town of less than 100. He had also spent most of his summers growing up in Beaver Bay. I've never met a person who had family in Beaver Bay. It was really crazy. I got his email addy and if I find anything weird out (like grandma had coffee with his grandmother every other sunday or something) I'll send him a note.

Oh - LAUREN! Give me a call this week, preferably before friday: five oh one - six one six nine And thank you for throwing the party! It was a BLAST! :)
I think mock mock duck would, in fact, be duck.
not nessisarily - mock mock would not have to be a double negative. It COULD be duck, but it also could just be a fake mock duck - like cardboard.
But even cardboard duck would be fake duck. The only way to have mock mock duck that couldn't simply be considered mock duck would be the real duck.
but couldn't it then be any form of meat/subsistute?

Mock duck is just tofu made to taste like duck. So mock mock duck would be something, anything, made to taste like mock duck. It COULD be Duck, but it also could be pureed dog ear made to taste like mock duck.
You make a good point. If the definition of mock duck is specifically tofu made to tast like duck and cannot be, say, potatoes made to taste like duck, then you are correct. But if that is not the case, allow me to drop some math on y'all, because I'm bored at work.

If you would, please recall the transitive property: If A equals B and B equals C, then A equals C. Now, if we let A be "flavor of duck" and B be "flavor of mock duck" and they are equal (ideally), then by letting C be "flavor of mock mock duck" and setting that equal to B, we see that A, "flavor of duck," is equal to C, "flavor of mock mock duck." If the definition of mock duck is not so rigid and can accomodate anything made to taste like duck, than mock mock duck doesn't truly exist because it is simply mock duck.

Sorry, that was ridiculous. Again, boredom.