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So now I am OFFICIALLY 23 years old. I was born at 1:15pm PST during a 49ers game. My dad asked my mom to wait for the kickoff. When I came out the Doctor said he caught me like a Roman Gabriel Pass.

Perhaps this is where my adomosity towards football comes from...

Today has been going by quickly - I got a package from my brother tom: A Mighty Wind and The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen! I am VERY happy and can't wait to watch them.

Got a hold of Timmy and we're going to meet up at Vera's later tonight. My birthday should be spent with gay boys - I mean, my birthday normally falls on National COming Out Day after all :)

Tomorrow the gifts from mom and dad arrive, along with the other package from TOm. I am also going to get my hair don at Jon English at 6:15 tomorrow as well.

Been having a good discussion of superhero movies with alexlucard which has been keeping my mind occupied while I type up more resumes. Is Batman The Animated Series on DVD? I would totally buy those up.

Overall - it's been a very mellow birthday. It's amazing outside and everytime I look out the window I just love the fact I was born in Autumn.
TAS season 1 is on DVD. It's like 50$
Ouch - that's a hefty sum...is it REALLY worth $50?
Say hi to Timmy for me!

Also, do you have anything planned for the weekend over Halloween? Brian and I are planning on going to GB...are you game for another trip? We're pretty much betting someone will toss a par-tay.
perhaps, perhaps. I'll have to see if I get my fill of drama for the month when I go down there this weekend :)