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I think my birthday will be celebrated all week long.

Today the fedex package from my parents come. Now - it was supposed to arrive on tuesday, but due to glitches it was left out on the tarrmack over night, which meant it probably was left outside over last night as well.

Have I mentioned that this package is perishable? I have no idea what's in it - but if it's green and fuzzy (in the bad way) I am sure words will be had with FedEx.

The Gifts from my parents came yesterday and I am now the proud owner of a blue iPod mini!!! I love her to death - she is oh so cute and the quality is AMAZING. I also got the dock and the auto kit so I can listen to her on the radio! yaaay!! I haven't named her yet (yes, it is a she) so I'm taking votes:

Someone just said it was snowing outside. They lie.

TOnight I'm going to dinner with Brian and Kelly, hoping to make it home intime for one last game of "Bush Debate Bingo." I'm feeling lucky tonight so I totally think I'll win. WATCH OUT ABBY!! BRING IT ON!

Tomorrow is my class for being an election official. I am very much looking forward to being a part of this and can't wait to find out what I'll learn. I'll post where I'll be working on election day - if you are in that area, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Friday I will be going to SNC, getting drunk for the first time in a while, and watching my girls kick some major Scream Your Theme ass. I was talking to iideliishii (Whose brother was elected highschool homecoming king last weekend through amazing actions taken by our highschool band. Congrats, Andy, and congrats to the band!) a few days ago about what a joy (and pain) homecoming was and it made me feel old. My first SNC homecoming was 5 years ago. I was just 18. Wow.

Anyhoot - despite some minor setbacks, things are still looking VERY positive.

What's something positive that's been going on in your life?
something positive: i broke up with my boyfriend last night and am feeling so much better. It really turned into a shitty relationship. So, we are friends and life is good. :D
..and i now know the SYT for friday ^.^
Yaaaay!!! THose are wonderful things!! :)

Knowing SYT is important - my freshman year we didn't have it memorized and it was a MESS!! We all froze infront of EVERYBODY until our ugly remembered the last line of it. So we're all standing there, kind of mumbling, and ender just shouts out "TONIGHT WE FLY!!!" and we ran off as quickly as possible :)
Your iPod is named Sticky Pube McSausage Foot.
Hmm....has a nice ring to it...
Huebsches Frauline
*Chuckles* Aaaah, fond memories of German 102...that's a good name!!
"The thing I like about the FedEx guy is he's a drug dealer and he doesn't even know it." -Mitch Hedberg

Is that what could be meant by green and fuzzy in the GOOD way?
Green and fuzzy could be kiwis...

But actually it was chocolate covered strawberries. My co-workers love me now: I know how to share!

If yer lucky, I'll share with you when I swing by after work.
since your ipod is blue and it will bring you as much joy as a vibrator - you should call it - dolphin. There's a vibrator called the blue dolphin.

As for something positive - i am glad that I'm going to be sleeping in my own bed on Friday - and you are coming to visit me, I should be over my cold by then :) Meet at 5 for food ... where????
Hmmm how does Chi-chis for dinner on Friday sound?
amen ... chichi's it is. :) a celebration of food? is that the right catch phrase?

aaaah - a cornacopia of love!

But Chi-chi's sounds fabulous right now. I totally want their fajitas (with no rice or tortillas of course ;)). Mmmm and one of their margaritas...*drools*