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THe FedEx package arrived today, and much to my office's enjoyment, the itemes did not perish.

But was did I get?

A dozen of the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries.

I called my mom after I passed them out to my coworkers, and as I was talking my office manager Sharon called out "Thank you for teacher her how to share!"

IT was an amazing gift - and now my office wants my parents to adopt us all :)
Oh man, those look amazing!!!

By the way, what time is your class until tomorrow night?
actually - there was a mix up with the time and I can't go - so I'm free all night
What time can I stop by?
I'm not really sure yet, Mike J has to call me and let me know....so i'll let you know:)
excellent - Thanks! :)
We can stop by Mike J's around 9. I am in great need of a nap because i'm dying, but i'll give you a call soon to make sure you got this.
excellent - just tell me where you want to meet up (if it's not your place I'll need an address :) ) and that'll be swell!

Have a good nap and see you tonight!