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Well, the debates are over. I felt bad that I couldn't really play bingo with Lori, Abby and AmyLou last night. I went to dinner with Brian and Kelly and watched the debates over at their place. However - I got bingo at THE LAST MOMENT!! In his closing arguments, Bush managed to get out "War on Terrah," completing my bingo. HOORAY!!

I felt that both the candidates were tired last night. I know I was tired. I was tired of hearing Bush say "that's not right, that's not true, this guy flip flops, he doesn't support the troops, I am SO much better than him."

Meanwhile, we all thought that Kerry was playing Bush Debate Bingo himself. He kept writing things down and laughing whenever the president spoke, and it usually was around the same time that we were marking our own cards.

I hope Kerry got Bingo.

I felt that there were some really good questions asked last night. However, I felt that both the candidates were losing their focus. Even Kerry seemed tired of saying the same things over again. I think he was tired of being attacked by the President. No matter what he said, Bush was all like "well that's not how you voted back in 1992!!!!" Screw you, Bush. This is not a high school student president campaign. Stop being the annoying wannabe jock.

I'm still pissed that both of them are against gay marriage. The term marriage needs to be out of the government intirely. It's a religious term, not a legal one. Fuckers.

Over all, I'm glad the debates are over. My Election Judge class is not tonight but the morning of the 23rd. THey wanted me to take the class today at 2pm. Yeah, hello, JOB? I mean, granted, I really don't do anything important or actually work (I'm glad that I have a chance to update LJ and stuff, but I wish my job actually meant making a difference or helping people or something) but I still need to be here. Ah well - I'll be in class next Saturday.

Anyhoot - once again, I am looking forward to tomorrow. Can't wait to see my girls and get drunk with everybody. Whoo-hoo! Week long birthday celebration!
>No matter what he said, Bush was all like "well that's not how you voted back in 1992!!!!"

I thought "9/11 changed everything."