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alexlucard wants to know what your comfort food is.

I want to know which foods make you gag.

What food will you just. not. eat.

Is there even a smell of a certian type of food that will make you feel ill?

Inquiering minds want to know!
Eggs and Gourds.
Why? Taste, texture or both?
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I can do some seafood (mmm yummie squid and clams) but I really can't stand most fish.

Somebody in my dorm once made the most godawful smelling fish dish. I couldn't go in there for a whole day because of the smell.

peas's are the worst.

I can't stand most vegetables

most melons (Watermelons yay though)

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Bananas. The texture sets off my gag reflex. That's pretty much it though. Everything else- bring it on!
And the smell! Oh god. I have to vacate my cube when anyone nearby eats one.

Also - the smell of sun-dried tomatoes. Yuck.
Hard-boiled eggs for me. I don't like their smell, taste or texture.

One kind of apple almost always makes me sick to my stomach, so I generally don't eat any kind of apple at all unless it's baked.
Yeah - I'm the only one in my family who won't eat hard boiled eggs. Same with deviled eggs. They are just too gross.

When I was a kid I really WANTED to like them 'cause all my friends did and it was so could to peel and egg. But just YUCK.
I don't mind the taste of them, but I can't force myself to eat mushrooms. Appearance and texture. And knowing that they grew on rotting dead things.

Tastewise, green beans are the worst.

But probably the most disturbing thing I've ever tried was when I had seafood paella in Barcelona and sampled a few bites of the baby octopus they put in it. And I normally like seafood.
awww baby octopus! How cute!

I, myself, love squid, but I can't eat the tentacles. I just don't like the idea of eating something with suckers.
my comfort food is mexican, fast food mexican. After not getting into different schools, or rejection letters from jobs, or being F'ed over by res life - Mexican baby....

the food I can't stand and the scent of which makes me want to puke --- coconut. I got sick off of it from one Easter
I miss REALLY good mexican food...*sighs*

I stay away from coconut at all costs. I HATE the texture.
i hate lima beans. I used to love them. Then one day I ate a whole bunch of them and it made me sick. The only time I didn't feel like pucking was when i was lying next to the toilet.
blech - I don't like most beans as it is...
Natto (fermented soy beans that are slimey and gooey and smell like shit). EWWWWWWWWWW, I don't know why anyone decided that it actually qualified as a food. Sure it's healthy (which a lot of people in Japan love to use as a reason to eat it), but tofu is THE SAME THING nutritionally and actually TASTES GOOD.

Also shrimp, or at least it used to be. I don't hate it as much as I did as a kid, when I had to drink gallons of water every time shrimp taste ever entered my mouth. Now I can eat things with a little bit of shrimp in them and not gag, but the idea of eating it by itself...ew.

I also couldn't eat beef jerky for the longest time because I had a bad piece in elementary school and wanted to barf everytime I saw it afterward. However, I recieved some in a Yonezawa beef gift pack (which is the gourmet beef made in this area) a few months back, so I decided to give it another try, and now I think it's okay again. I don't know if I would eat it if it wasn't really good quality, though.
I don't like shrimp very much, but I will eat it if I have to (read: it's during lent and the only thing served to me).

And nato just sounds NASTY. Bleck!
I have two comfort foods. Tortillas and Oatmeal - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal to be exact.

makes me gag: still going strong on those blueberry pancakes. Just can't do it yet, although i did manage some plain ones a few months ago.....barely.

I refuse to eat menudo, or brains for that matter. But noone in my family really eats brains anymore.

There are plenty of certain smells of food that make me ill, but they all have to do with those foods being rotten. ::shiver::
i figured i just had to reply to this one . . .

okay, hmm. well, there aren't many foods in the world that i just *will not eat.* i really had to think . . . i hate barbecue sauce. it doesn't make me gag to smell it--i actually think it smells *good*--but as soon as it winds up in my mouth, ewww. i have to drink something really fast to force it down. (like if i'm eating bbq chicken or whatever) also, i'm the only person in my italian family who doesn't like cannoli. for some reason, the mixture of ricotta cheese and confectioner's sugar doesn't sit well with me. (i think i just spoke gibberish to all non-dagos in the house.)

but . . . i'm all for eating squid, all kinds of meat, and most veggies. even as a kid i had no problem with vegetables. how weird is that? i love eggs too, and oatmeal, and all that stuff. even brussels sprouts are okay. as for comfort foods, i have quite a few: anything chocolate, aunt carol's lasagna, french toast, good *good* deep dish pizza, old-fashioned penny candy, et cetera.

fuck, now i'm hungry. :-)

--the fluff (www.deadjournal.com/users/sueisfine)