That damn song is stuck in my head this morning. Bugger.

I feel kind of blecky today. Maybe it's because I haven't been getting enough sleep - I don't know. Either way, just 2 more hours left of work then WHEEE!! Off to Wisconsin go I!

Abby called this morning to warn me that the presidents will be all over the great cheese state today. Hopefully they won't be on any of the roads I'm taking. But it would be kind of cool if I saw Kerry - just to say I saw the future president.

Bush I'd just run over in my car (uh-oh, am I going to have the feds after me now?).

Today we celebrated Bosses day - we gave Thera a nice card and a gift certificate to a scrapbooking store. WE then had veggies, cheese, crackers and nuts in the conference room. It was nice - almost a half hour of not working, just chit-chatting.

My co-workers are funny.

A conversation I'm in over at note_to_cat got picked up by the folks over at metaquotes. I feel special now for no real reason.

Anyhoot - if anybody needs me this weekend, you'll have to call the cell. I'll be hob-nobbing it with the SNC elite. Okay, that's a blatent lie. I'll be getting drunk with my college buddies. That's good enough for me.