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I wanna spend all your money at a
gay bar
gay bar
gay bar

It's cold in the office today - 69 degrees. This isn't fair. Now mind you - I love autumn with all my heart and soul (I even love how it's spelled). When the weather isn't crap, it's absolutely beautiful. However, when it's gray and misty and cold I get a little grumpy. Maybe I should invest in a light box. Wee - another box of pretty colors to stare at for hours a day.

Some Points of No Interest:
I. I have some blistex chapstick that reminds me so much of lipsmackers that I'm having my own little flashback here. It's kind of like an acid flashback only with less pretty colors and I've never done acid.

II. I've been having some really strange dreams lately, only I can't remember what they are when I wake up. Like - I remember them, but as soon as I try to focus on the images, they dissapear. I do know that last night's dream involved that crazy bat like creature you see on the bottle of baccardi's.

III. For those who may like to point out my blatent spelling errors in my posts - please remember: I AM THE ENGLISH MAJOR WHO CANNOT SPELL. It's referenced in my bio. Take note: I never spell check my LJ posts because I'm fairly lazy and it reminds me waaaay too much of the papers I had to write in college. To me, lj is just a journal. If I wanted to actually spiff this bad boy up into something that was more formal and classical in nature, you damn well better believe that there would be no errors whatsoever. When it counts, I can edit like a FIEND. A FIEND I SAY!

IV. Roman numerals are fun. Did anybody else watch Square One Television when they were growing up? Does anybody else remember the songs they used to sing about math? One of my favorites was the one with roman numerals. But really - Mathnet was one of my favorite things to watch.


VI. Bah dum dum dum....

VII. I think the lipsmackers are totally hitting me now...

VIII. I'm wearing jeans to work today. This is big because I NEVER get to wear jeans to work. But Sharon and I will be doing inventory soon on THE WHOLE OFFICE so she said I could wear something comfy and movebal.

IX. I really wish we were doing the inventory NOW.

X. Is it February yet? (I don't think I've said that in over four years)
X. NO BUT IT SHOULD FUCKIN BE >=[ *giggles* I just asked that in my LJ the other day. Why do YOU want it to be feb?
Because I'm going on vacation! :) My first real vacation in over a year. I'm going home to California for a few days then having an adventure in Arizona!

NOrmally February is a CRAPTACULAR month for me, but last Feb wasn't TOO bad so maybe I've broken the cycle :)

I'm going to check out an artschool I want to go to, and spend time with the girl I like ^____^
Ok, this is a long shot, but you're the only one I know who travels between Wisconsin and California. My friend unquietmind needs help getting a dog from Madison to CA. Details here.
I wish it was 96 degrees in my office. That way I could layer up and be cozy. But I cannot...it's is 82 in here. I'm totally ready to curl up and take a nap.
I want to take a nap...we're still not doing the inventory and procrastinating like none other.
Err...69 degrees. I'm a little dislexic (sp?) today.
MMMMM Blistex!!
deliiiiiiiiiiiiiicious blistex *drools*
I like that you misspelled "blatant".
Oh, yes, I remember Square One.

*sing* "I night, the stars were shining, II hearts, were intertwining, III words...!" "Wait, wait, wait..."

Or, of course, Mathnet.

"Mathematicians, freeze!" *brandishing calculator*
OH MY GOD YES!!! I was looking for those lyrics when I was writing this post!!!

Seriously - I wish they had all those eps on DVD. I mean, it would probably seem hella lame now, but even still.

A ton of those actors appear in really RANDOM places too. I think the red headed guy was on Deadwood, and George Frankly played the priest who married Buffy and Angel in one episode.
Roman Numerals are hot and heavy baby! I heart roman numerals
Dance happy roman numerals, DANCE!