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That's right folks - in less than TWO WEEKS we will (hopefully) know who our new president will be.

Also, should it turn out not so favorably, even CAKE agrees that you should stay in America and fight the good fight (that is a direct quote from their website, but alas, their advice page has changed already. Cake gives good advice. I love them so).

Anyways, in honor of Election Day quickly nearing us, as well as being two months away from the start of advent, I suggest we come up with "The 12 Days of Election" carol. I tried starting this in the car with captainhandsome but didn't get very far. But com'on people! IT's just BEGGING to be parodied!

Here is what I have so far:
On the ______ day of Election, my candidate gave to me,
a pundit in a pear tree
two empty promises
three firm handshakes
four calling pollsters
five fear based ads
six news blogs blogging
seven spin docs spinning
eight protestors protesting
nine justices sweating
ten lawyers leaping
eleven states a swinging
Twelve grams of valium

Any suggestions out there for betting fitting phrases?
HA! I love it. You should get M.A. up in there, she would be great at coming up with those lines...