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Damn, a quarter to one and I haven't even made a post yet! Crazy - I know.

But yeah - being called stupid for voting for Kerry, not one of the highlights of last night.

What WAS the highlight? Getting my CAKE ticket, THAT'S what. Holy god, I am so excited about this. I'm gonna be THERE in the CROWD with a bunch of other cakephiles gyrating our bodies to the rythems of social commentary.

If they play comfort eagle (which I highly doubt seeing how they're promoting their NEW album, but they might because it does hold revelence to today's political atmosphere) I very well may piss my pants.

I can't wait for the election to be over. I am SO TIRED of people being all "OMG - you're a democrat? You suck." or "All catholics are voting for Bush and are stupid." The closer we get to elections, the closer people cling to the labels they have given themselves. All democrats are *blank* because *blank* and therefore can *blank* my mother's *blankity blank*. Meanwhile, all republicans are *blank* and are *blank* and we should all *blankity blank blank blank* their asses.

See what I mean, people? We're drawing lines and making assumptions simply on political grounds. We're giving into sterotypes. Do we really just want to lump everybody into one grouping? Why can't we just hate everybody equally?

I'm a catholic - I'm not voting for Bush *GASP*. I'm a big fan of state rights, yet I'm voting for Kerry *GASP*. Can't I vote for a guy simply because I like what he says more than I like what the other guy has said? I'm not saying Kerry is a bad - I've really liked what he's said in the debates. I'm not saying Bush is good - but I am saying we can survive 4 more years if he does get elected.

Ah well, 11 days to go, and then probably a week of bitching by which ever side loses.
Just a week?

I expect months or years.

Hell, there are Dems I know that STILL claim bush isn't the president.
I expect that a week is all it will take for whichever side who loses to move to Canada.
Hell. . .Alec Baldwin said he'd leave the country if Bush won the first time and the cocksmoker is still here.
that's because Canada's entertainment field went to the crapper once the X-files moved out :-P
The X Files? Hollywood seems to think Vancouver and Toronto look EXACTLY like the city of Chicago. . .I thought it'd be booming. Once we start importing drugs from canada, they'll have a TON more capital and work to do that those lazy americans can't or won't do :-p
I'm just amazed a 3rd world country like Canada has gotten as far as it has.
Personally I'm not a republican, democrat, catholic, protestant, or any of those categories.

I'm a free-thinking individual.
*gasp* Does such a thing exist any more? I though you were stamped out by the party lines!
That, or stamped out in our educational system. It used to be if a student acted out, he was a class clown. NOW he has some sort of disorder that has 20 consecutive letters and is given so many drugs taht it stiffles the creative process.
We're drawing lines and making assumptions simply on political grounds.

No one should assume anything, it's true. However, it's not a giant leap in logic to say that most Democrats believe a, b, and c while most Republicans believe x, y, and z when these things are in their party platforms. It's not like that stuff comes out of thin air.
But I do think it's unfair to lump everybody in with them. It's the old "if a = b, b MUST = a" when that's not always the case.

Case in point - fantasy boy. He actually is a great guy, clear thinker and creative, but he doesn't believe that women should not have rights over their body and he doesn't think that gay marraiges should be outlawed. He just has his own view (I was more pissed that he didn't respect my discion on voting, not that he was voting for Bush).

Another case - my older brother Erik who is in the Navy. Complete Irish Punk rocker. Voting for Bush.

I think we're clinging to lables way to much, especially in this election. Republicans are now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil no matter what, and democrats are liberal pussies.

I just want it all to be over with.
At the same time, individual voters need to understand that the people they're voting for do by and large stick to the party platform. So it's great to be an cool creative clear thinking Irish punk for Bush, as long as you understand that it's more likely than not that Bush (or whoever) will stick to the party line and generally follow the wishes of his base, not the outliers.
And so what if they stick to the party line? Oh no - it means that people need to fight harder for what they believe.

If Kerry is elected, people who voted for him, yet still feel that abortion should be illegal, are still going to fight for that. If Bush is elected, people who voted for him yet disagree with how he thinks trading should be handled will fight for that as well.

I'm trying to say that a person can identify with a party without having to be grouped in with the extremists of that party.
The worst part of this whole thing is just the pure hatred each side is using. I don't think its labels, I just think that people are going too far. It's not about whose better, it's just about winning.

It's like watching parents who are living through their kids at a little league; I remember speaking to someone who isn't a fan of GW and when I mentioned that I'm most likely voting for him, she recommended that I should die immediately.

or being called stupid for voting for Kerry.

It is about winning because which ever side wins means that they are RIGHT.

I REALLY want this election to be over with.
No Shit. . . .my candidate has a bigger dick than your candidate, to paraphrase George Carlin

Because we all know how important a big dick is in politics. It's why we dont have a female president ;)
No. . .it's because you all would get PMS and hit the nuclear button.

HA HA HA. . .that was a 3rd grade joke we used during social studies.
Just think on how much better voting practices are these days as opposed to 150 years ago. I mean you don't have to make your way through a drunken crowd with your ballot that clearly shows who you're voting for anymore. That's gotta count for something.
Or Imagine working for the city of Chicago during the first mayor Daley.

You were told who to vote for (and if u didn't, u lost ur job), you had to donate to the Democratic National Party, and if the vote didn't swing the way they wanted to they'd just rig it to give them the right person. Hell, it's how JFK got elected.

Voting is better nowadays. . .a ton better. Just the candidates are worse.
Still that's better than diffrent political clubs (read gangs) taking over the voting booth and then stuffing the box and not letting anyone vote unless for their party. Oh and don't forget the twice yearly riots after each election.

I agree voting is much better these days. Also we're not as stuck in a party line as people used to be. Which is for the good.
What really bothers me, tho, are the "get out and vote" campaigns. That's what we need, more ignorant people going to the polls and voting when they have no fuckin clue what or whom they are voting for. That bothers me more than anything. People don't need to just go out and vote, they need to know what they are voting for, who they're voting for, and why their voting for whatever they're voting for.

They SHOULD be saying "Learn the facts and then vote" ., . .granted, it beats Jesse Jackson and his ilk going "here's a sammich, vote Democrat straight ticket" to all the skids.
That's one thing that's definatly gotten worse. Used to be that people knew the issues. You might get the crap beaten out of you while voting, but you knew what you were voting for. People are stupid and that really all there is to it. America makes me sad. And ignorant voters make America sad.
Especiallty when we have 100 million people who don't vote.

People don't care about issues . . .hell, if CBS is willing to make up evidence against the president because Dan Rather hates conservatives, then our media really isn't covering the news per se, more like making it.

People want to be told what's good and what's bad; we've become a society of entitlements and encouragements. We're encouraged to be stupid, lazy and sexually promiscuous and when that inevitably leads to failures, we want the gov't to bail us out.
"Whaa, I have 9 kids, gimme money to pay billz"
"Close your LEGS"

That is what makes me sad.