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Holy God, last night is going down in the annals of best days EVER.

Sorry to my EC girls - but holy GOD am I glad I missed HC for this concert!

Cake fucking ROCKED last night. I am still sore from it all. Here's the scoop:

I took the bus down to First Ave. for the concert. I got there early, before the doors opened, to make sure that I could secure a good place at the front. I waited in line and talked to a nice couple who had driven up from Wisconsin to see this concert. They, too, were amazed that Cake had managed to sell out the concert.

The line started moving and we got inside. I moved right to the front - didn't stop for anything to drink or whatever (which may have been a bad idea, but I'll get to that later). I stood at the front of the stage, there was already one row of people clinging to the railing, but I felt comfortable being behind them. While I was standing there, I met a nice young lady from Souix Falls with her boyfriend from SanDeigo. Both of them were BIG Cake fans - the girl knew more about them than I did! Pretty soon another girl joined our conversation - she was a typical Mpls concert goer, excited to hear Cake, liked them, but wasn't fantaical about it. She was a lot of fun to talk to.

Soon enough, the big screen rolled up and the first act came on.

They were....um....well...they didn't suck. They were three white rapper chicks from New York, called Northern State. I couldn't hear anything that they were saying, maybe that's a good thing. They seemed to have a positive message, I think, and they weren't stick thin little bitty girls like the kinds that are flooding the music scene as of late. I can definitely see them getting bought out by Claire's or something and being picked up by the little rocking 6th grade girls who want to be hardcore.

Mark my words, in a few months we will see gangs of pre-pubescent girls rapping on the playground.

They closed up and we waited about 15 minutes for Cake to come on. In this time, the scene girl and I talked to the guy in front of us who was from Bismarck. He came all this way to hear Cake, and it was his 4th time seeing them in concert.

Then....much to the chanting of the crowd going "We Want CAKE" the scene started to rise with the familiar tunes of "Comfort Eagle." No, I didn't wet my pants. But it was AMAZING. I was right infront of John. The crowd errupted. Everybody was singing along. It was fantastic. The crowd was ROARING. They played for almost 2 hours. I can't remember the order of songs, but looking back at my cake playlist, they played about 16 songs. Not just from their new CD (they only played Wheels, No Phone, Carbon Monoxide, and Waiting).

When they broke out into Nugget, he had us all sing the "Shut the Fuck!" part out, and it was HILARIOUS. He had us sing it loud and angry. He had the upper section sing it, and they sucked. He had us down on the floor singing it, and we were loud, angry and wonderful. When Sheep Go To Heaven came on, once again we all sang the chorus and he loved it all.

Out of order, here are the songs they played:
Comanche - Motorcade of Generosity
Is This Love - Motorcade of Generosity
Frank Sinatra - Fashion Nugget
The Distance (as an encore) - Fashion Nugget
Stick Shift and Safety belts - Fashion Nugget
Nugget - Fashion Nugget
Italian Leather Sofa - fashion Nugget
Never There (ending before the encore)- Prolonging the Magic
Guitar - Prolonging the Magic
Sheep Go To Heaven - Prolonging the Magic
Comfort Eagle (opening song)- Comfort Eagle
Love You Madly - Comfort Eagle
Wheels - Pressure Chief
No Phone (as an encore) - Pressure Chief
Carbon Monoxide - Pressure Chief
Waiting - Pressure Chief

But the time the Encore rolled around, I was dying out there. I really should have drunk more water before I had gone. I was getting dizzy and could hardly stand. So after No Phone, I went out of the crowd to the side, got some water, sat down for a bit, then bought a shirt.

Overall, it was an AMAZING concert. I am so glad I got tickets. This was the first concert I've ever been to where I have REALLY loved the band - not just "Oh, yeah, I'll go see these guys." It was amazing to be a part of the pit, amazing to talk to other people who were into the music as much as I was. It was FANTASTIC.

I still hurt this morning - I need my advil.
I don't think Northern State is going to get 6th grade white girls rapping. They are more like a female version of the Beastie Boys (except not as talented and from Long Island instead of Brooklyn). They really just aren't the type of pop crap most 6th graders would listen to. However, one of them calls herself Hesta Pryne, which I think is funny.
Well, while most of the 6th grad population is into teenybob music, I do think that there are some who would rather listen to white rapping girls. They want to be all bad ass and shit and will ask their moms if they can bleach part of their hair.

The girls have names? We had no idea down in the pit. But the guys behind me were oggling the T&A.
They're definite eye candy, thats for sure. . . .I hate rap, but I could watch these girls all night long if u know what I'm saying :-p
There are plenty that would emmulate white female rappers, but Northern State seems to be an unlikely choice. Their sound and affiliations are much more underground. If there is a significant number of 6th grade girls plugged into the underground hip hop scene, I would be amazed.

T & A? I have only heard/seen a few things from Northern State, but that doesn't really seem their style. They are kind of cute, but I'm surprised they were flaunting it.
GO to their website. . .definitely not bad
I've seen plenty of pictures and won't deny that they are cute, but I can't see them going the route of "T & A." That's all I'm saying.
the T&A comment was a direct quote from the guy behind me when Cake asked us how we liked Northern State.

hey. ..their jailbait T & A. Nothing wrong with that