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G Major
Happy Monday people! I hope that everybody out there had a good weekend. Mine, as you probably have read, was fantastic. Friday was I Heart Huckabees, Saturday was Cake, Sunday was relaxing with some cleaning. Good times, good times.

B Minor
Halloween is in less than a week and I have no party plans. Brian and Kelly are going down to Greebs (or is it across to Greebs? I dunno) for BIG's halloween party. As much fun as I had last weekend, I don't think I'm ready to go back yet. What I REALLY want to do is watch a scary movie marathon and snuggle with a guy and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. I'm such a homebody. I also want to carve a pumpkin too.

A Major
As I mentioned in my first point, I went and saw I Heart Huckabee's. I highly recomend this movie. IT's hard for me to rightly explain why I liked this movie, but what I think is important is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. I find that with a lot of philisophical movies, even comedies, they tend to be waaay too deep. You end up leaving thinking "was I supposed to get that? Am I not smart enough to understand this? Whaaaa?!" Instead, I Heart Huckabees takes a relaxed approach to it. Not rubbing your face in the philosphy, which in the ends doesn't mean anything, really, but just letting it slide by. I had this strange feeling of zen walking out of the theater, and a deep urge to see it again.

E Major
Wells Fargo, one of our clients, gave us magnetic poetry. Some of the phrases that have magically appeared on our fridge are: "Clean my shotgun," "please eat the pony," "let's walk to our robbery," "do not mail gold," and "I am Black Bart." I only made up one of these - the rest are from my co-workers.

B Major
I really want to buy a crock pot. Pretty much everbody I know has one and I like the idea of coming home to a cooked meal. There are a lot of SBD friendly recipes that don't seem to hard. To my friends who own a crockpot: Do you have any tips for me in buying one? What should I look for? What size? Where should I buy one? HELP!

D Sharp Minor
I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I don't know when it happened, but I've finally grown some ovaries and started to cry at chick flicks. This never used to happen before. I was always the stoic one! I never shed a tear! But I was watching Kate and Leopold last night (which really isn't a very good movie, but Hugh Jackman is delicious eye candy) and started to snuffle and sniffle and was just a mess. Then I talked to my brother's girlfriend about chick flicks and we talked about Love, Actually, and I started getting misty eyed over THAT. When did my hormones kick in? HOnestly!

C Sharp Major
What are YOU doing for halloween, and what is your costume?
I stayed up late last night and watched kate and Leopold too! It really isn't that good, and i couldn't figure out why i was watching it...but it made me teary as well.

I'm going to be a fairy for halloween. I'm excited to wear wings and carry a wand. I'm definitly getting drunk at someone's house;)
Nice! If I go out, I'm going to go as a harvest fairy (assuming my wings get here on time).
I'm going to be a dog.

Mainly because one of my ex girlfriends said I looked like a wolf. But mostly because I want to be able to dance hardxcore to Iggy Pop's "I Wanna Be Your Dog".
Then you could also dance to "HUngry Like The Wolf"

Be an 80's dog.
If I get the chance, I'll be finishing up my Gambit Costume for halloween >=] No plans for it though so *shrugs*

Hugh Jackman _IS_ rediculously hot
OOOOOOOO!!! Sexy Gambit!!! You MUST post pictures (hands down, Gambit is the sexiest of the x-men. No contest AT ALL).

And yes, Jackman is wet my panties hot. Seriously, when he plays wolverine I'm all "just pin me to the bed and fuck me you ANIMAL!"

Um, that was probably an overshare, wasn't it?
You know my plans for Halloween...and I finally decided that I'm going to be a kitty. I found a really cute dress at Torrid, just need to ask Aimee, the tard of a roommate, if I can borrow her ears and tail.
awww! You HAVE to take pictures and share :)
I've got a costume party on Saturday, and a stage production of Rocky Horror to go to on Halloween itself. I still haven't done anything towards a costume yet, so I guess it's Faire garb this year.
Faire garb is such a good standby.

I went in my garb for halloween one year in highschool. The highschool boys loved the bodice.
I love my crockpot. Honestly, I don't use it as much as I should, but now that I have a sexy new one, I plan to use it more.

Anyway, for the wedding we got a Rival 4 quart crockpot in stainless steel. It has the benefit of not being covered in vegetables or hearts like most country-styled crockpots. And it's not super huge, so good for apartment living. I made some really yummy pork roast in it a few weeks ago, that was nothing more than the pork, two tablespoons of liquid smoke, and a tablespoon of sea salt.
oooo - that sounds super yummie!

I'd liek a crock pot that just looks plain and simple...do they really all come with little happy dancing veggies on them?
regarding the crock-pot.... All you need to decide really is how much food you want to make at a time. otherwise most crockpots are the same. You get a choice of High or Low or Unplugged. I have a 3 quart pot and it'll make a meal for 4 days (for one person).
oooo - VERY nice :)

I just want something simple that I can set before I leave work and come back to a nice warm meal.
2 quarts is a good size. to fit a small size roast i guess. LOVE!
Send me recipes! :-D
Um...no costume yet, but I will be doing some halloween related stuff at an english camp with HS students this entire weekend.

Okay, I know this isn't a chick flick, but I must say, you haven't always been stoic when it comes to films in general. 10th Grade, Mr. Holland's Opus, anyone? =)
Yeah, and I also sobbed my eyes out at Braveheart too!

I never cried at chick flicks though.