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Ashley Simpson:
It is NEVER acceptable to blame your band for a mistake like that. I hope they leave you and your sorry career in the dust.

Oh - and your jig sucked ASS.
Indeed, fuck her
It was just really poor taste on her behalf.

It's also one of those situations where trying to appologise makes you seem like even more of a dumbass.

I really hope this tanks her for good.
as do I her and her family are totally untallented.

The jig was lame, but blaming her band is just fucking low. My dad's a profesional musician and that is a totally abhorent way to handle that
I know! It's all "it's not me! It's the band! Honestly - they even started singing in my voice! How crazy is that! oooo - shiny!"
That whole thing made me wish pop music was like politics, where if you have a meltdown on national tv your career is over. Sadly, I'm sure Ass-lee will live to sing another day.
I dunno - she made two blunders on SNL Saturday, and both times she came off looking like a total skeeze. I think she's gonna fade off pretty soon. And all for the better.
Out of curiousity, what else did she do? I didn't catch the episode.
WEll, the first blunder was when there was "a computer glitch" that started playing the song she sang in her first appearance. IT also had her singing along, even though the mike wasn't anywhere near her mouth. TO cover up, she danced a jig.

Second blunder was then blaming the mistake on the band.
here you go
Did she screw up her first song too? We were only tuned in for the second song and dramatic stage walk off.

I wish the entire Simpson/Lachey extended entertainment family would fall off the face of the earth.
I claim the first blunder as the malfunction, second blunder as the blame game.

Seriously - the whole simpson family and the fans would be one xenocide I would support.
Who is Ashley Simpson?
in all honesty, if you don't know you are A LOT better off not knowing!!
Yes, but I'm curious.
she's the little sister of Jessica Simpson. She's in the vein of chick rockers who really have no talent but have been making it big because they can be bought out and sold in nice, slutty packages to little girls.

It's really not all that much to get involved in, and pretty soon she'll fade away like all the others until only the really bad and the really good musicians of our time will be remembered so when our kids want to go all retro to the '00s, hopefully she'll be left out.