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It's wednesday and my plate is full. By the end of the week I need to have updated both the minnesota job bank site as well as the omni site with all the new job orders. It's not a bad task, just tedious. I also need to turn the interview outline into an interview handout that's readable and not too intense/dry. I also need to finish typing up the inventory. I should be focusing on that instead of writing in my lj, but I find that writing here clears my head a bit. What i need to stop doing is checking my friends page so religiously.

Strange dreams abounded last night. Green bay was a half hour away. People thought their children were giant bugs and started catapulting them out into fields. I made out with a random stranger. Someone was getting completely beaten up in front of Boyle hall - every body came out to watch but no one called the police. SNC campus was a block away from my home in Davis which was a block away from work. I ran into a friend outside of boyle after the fight cleared up and we walked to my house, he met my mom, then we walked to my work, which involved crossing a broken down bridge. We crossed it (well, scaled it is more correct) and I look down to see that I've torn my favorite skirt and ripped the bottom of my jeans (which I was wearing underneith) to shreds. It was just odd.

Bonus points to anybody who can tell me what the headers of today's list are. Mnemonic devices are cool.

Even MORE bonus points to anybody who can tell me where the term "mnemonic" comes from.

Should I ever get a boyfriend (which I do hope to have at some point, but at this moment it's really not that high on the list of things I have to do) and my journal changes from stupid shit about my life to stupid shit all involving my boyfriend to the point where I should just name the damn thing after him and admit that I have lost my personality, will somebody PLEASE shoot me? Pretty please?

I heard a song on the radio this morning that was all "I want to write you a letter/I want to write you a book/I wanna see your reaction/I wanna see how you look" and it was basically about a guy who got dumped and wanted to strike his ex down with firy written word. I will admit, I've wanted to do that, and I've even tried. However, it really is pretty useless. A lot of it is me wanting to hurt the other person as much as they have hurt me by eloquently blaming them for what they've done and I think that a letter/email/journal entry/etc is the way to go. Unfortunetly, the person who I want to read that probably won't, or will but not care and I end up feeling worse than I started because now I realize how little I meant to them. Also - letters like that are never as elequent/tactful/witty as you think they are. If anybody finds themselves in this situation, I think the best idea is to write them a letter, but don't send it. Just throw it away. You want validation that they have hurt you - find that validation within.

If you really want to hurt them as much as they've hurt you, take a baseball bat to their knees.

Le Parkour is fucking AMAZING.

IN a few weeks my friend Graham is coming to visit. I haven't seen Graham since winter of my senior year of college. He's a friend from back home and has been in the army for about the past 4 years. He lived in the barraks and basically spent no money that the army gave him for 4 years. Right now he's having an adventure on the east coast and will stop by Mpls on his way back to Davis. I'm excited. He said he's gonna be my sugar daddy. I like being spoiled :)
Part's of the wrist...or at least the parts that have to do with Carpeltunnel (sp?) Syndrom?
Err...Carpal Tunnel Syndrome would be the correct spelling. Sorry.
so like - did you know that off hand or did you look it up? :-P
I knew it off hand (ha! badum-ching!) but I think some of them are wrong or at least not the names I learned. Where'd you get the list?
I got it from this site.

After I read your commment I went searching on line - there do appear to be different spellings of some of the bones...
We learned lunate instead of lumen and triquetral instead of tripezium. We also had a different name for the one that site calls triquitrum, but I can't remember it at the moment. I will look it up in my lab manual (yes, I still have it) when I get home because otherwise it will bug me. We had to be able to tell them all apart and be able to tell which hand (left or right) they came from. Woo!
hehehe I was thinking of digging my old disection manual out when I got home too!

Yay for being geeks!! :)
Ok, we learned them like this:

From thumb to little finger in the row closest to the wrist - Scaphoid or Navicular (I think we called it the Navicular), Lunate, Triquetra, Pisiform.

From thumb to little finger in the row closest to the fingers - Greater Multangular or Trapezium (we called it Greater Multangular), Lesser Multangular or Trapezoid (we called it Lesser Multangular), Capitate, Hamate.

Then there's pages and pages on how to tell right side from left. Fun stuff!
It was gut instinct to go with it. I've had troubles with Carpal Tunnel for a few years now. But I looked it up to double check.
The song you are talking about is by Guster, and i LOVE it:)

So i wanted to be all impressive and know where mnemonic came from, but i don't. Heh. All i know is that it is a device used to aid memory, and that they save my LIFE in all my classes, or i wouldn't be able to remember a damn thing. Once in high school health class we had to remember all the drugs and what they did to you (at this point i was very innocent and had no inkling or personal experience to rely on) and i made this story about an elephant, and that's how i remembered it all:)
but they key is - do you STILL remember the story about the elephant?

And if you do, PLEASE SHARE! :)
Mnemonic stems from Mnemosyne, the greek goddess of memory.

I knew that class would come in handy later in life.

I was thinking of the person who solved the labrynth, but couldn't remember his name. However, that makes sense too.
Do you mean Theseus?
Yay!!! Lots of bonus points for you!! AND bragging rights!!