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Something in the office is making me sneeze. And if you've heard me sneeze before, you know how amusing that is. I can't help it - I just have funny sneezes, SO STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

I'm trying out my crock pot today! In the pot are strips of browned flank steak, red and green pepper slices, onion wedges, fajita seasoning, and about a 1/2 cup of water. It's on low for 8 hours (at which it will turn to warm - I love it!) and hopefully I'll come home to a well cooked meal...or a burned out condo...either way, should be a good time tonight!

I still have to say that my life is going pretty damn good at this moment. I'm actually NOT waiting for the other shoe to drop. One of the things I learned from I Heart Huckabees is just to let things go. Yeah, bad things will follow good, and good will follow bad. The important thing is just to enjoy it all and let it happen. Feel the good, feel the bad. It's all important and at the same time it's all pointless. Just enjoy it as it goes.

To all of my friends, I'd like to throw a mad awesome shout out to you guys. I feel that at times I don't give my appreciation to you guys enough. You've been making my journal really interesting as of late, your comments kick ass and the discussions have been fun and entertaining! So really, thank you guys for reading my journal, and thanks for commenting. This may really sound lame because, you know, it is just livejournal, but the past few days have been really fun for me, and I hope you guys have been having fun too.

PS - for everybody out there who thinks that Catholics are the worst people EVAH, they don't even hold a candle to the likeness of Jack Chick. There's not much I can say about this guy, except that at least he hates everybody equally.
MMMMMmmmm, that meal does sound very good right about now, and I've never really used crock pots. Maybe I'm behind the times, but I just never saw a purpose for them. Well, that, and I never really cooked much when I was in college. Lack of funds and all, y'know.
This is the first time I'm using one. My family never used crock pots, but my friends in the Mid West say they are AMAZING.

I'm lookinig forward to coming home to a hot meal already prepared, and in the winter I'll be making SOUP!
The only thing I know how to make in a crock pot is chili cheese dip for parties. But really, who needs to know more than that?
My crock pot came with a little mini crock pot for sauces and dips. I want to have a party just so I can use it :)
Anyone who thinks Catholics are the worst people EVAH is crazy. Because obviously that's Lutherans.
SIlly Lutherans, don't they know catholisim is where it's AT?
I don't think they do. My brother went off to a Lutheran college this year and I'm very worried about him. I warned him that they nail Catholic kids to the chapel door but I don't think he listened.
I also hear that if you don't have WWJD tattooed somewhere on your body they'll do it for you.
I was a Minnesota Lutheran who went to a Wisconsin Catholic school. It took them three years before I finally dropped out.
IT's because you didn't take communion. The body of christ compells you, ya know.